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Topic: Magical poem from me to you
Message: Posted by: D_avid (Oct 2, 2016 03:33PM)
It's been a while since I have been on the Cafť and just wanted to share a magic related poem I wrote and published while I was away:

The Magician

Gather close, gather Ďround
I will amaze, I will astound
Give me your gaze, spare me a minute
Give me your time, Iíll put magic in it
A deck of cards, plain as can be
This may seem hard, but easy for me
Watch them dance and fly through the air
As I hope for a grin and laughter to share
In the middle of the street, I surprise and enthrall
Every person I meet will get a smile out of it all
The moment of truth arrives, my hat is passed from hand to hand
Seeking tips to survive, but will it all go as planned
Have I done well or failed miserably
Only the hat will tell when it makes its way back to me
I watch with held breath, wishing, hoping, and dreaming
That each person is compelled to celebrate my tricks and scheming
Then I see that shimmering first coin, a sign that Iíve brightened someoneís day
A warmth to blossom and grow, their tips show what they don't say
They appreciate me more than I know, itís the joy thatís passed from hand to hand
In the form of my tall black hat, a sign they thought my show was grand
But my real payment is each and every smile, which I work hard to inspire
The appreciation of creativity and style, that is the only tip I require
To know that my work has been done, that I've served my fellow man
With a little trickery and a little fun, and that I have earned a few new fans
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Oct 3, 2016 09:52AM)
Very good! I like very much!
Message: Posted by: D_avid (Oct 3, 2016 11:40AM)
Feel free to butcher it for your use. I have a busker friend who recites part as he passes the hat. I keep telling him it probably diminishes his tips. :)
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Oct 4, 2016 08:48AM)
I won't alter it. I'll keep it exactly as you wrote it. I posted it on my FB page, but I said a friend wrote it, because I don't know your actual name. That's how much I liked it!
Message: Posted by: lynnef (Oct 12, 2016 08:11PM)
Great! It belongs in the sidewalk shuffle forum as well!!! Lynn