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Topic: BADA-BING! by Ryan Matney
Message: Posted by: FredNarlo (Oct 8, 2016 10:13AM)
Yesterday, I got BADA-BING!, by Ryan Matney. I have several other of Ryan's books and PDF's and I knew I couldn't go wrong with this.

This PDF is packed full of commercial material that plays big. The sleights required are either something you already have in your arsenal or can be done very easily and learned quickly. One of my favorite effects ever is Aldo Columbini's, Paramount, trick. Ryan has taken this and added his own handling with some presentational influence by Gordon Bean, and now this is the version I will do from now on. (I actually just did it an hour ago at the coffeehouse and slayed the barista!!) Its called Metro, Ltd.

All of the effects are great! Another that I will be doing a lot of is Flush Exchange. Hard-hitting, quick, visual, stunning card magic.

If you can, go to www.RetroRocketMagic.com and pick this up! There truly is something in this for everyone.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Oct 8, 2016 03:12PM)
Review of Bada-Bing! By Ryan Matney

Seems like Fred beat me to it with his review, but mine's a little different so may as well post it.

Those that have, like me, enjoyed Ryan’s earlier print books and are waiting for his larger collection to appear may be surprised to find he’s sneaked out this e-book in-between. It’s a collection of ten card effects, ranging in skill level from mostly easy to one which requires a second deal.

The pages are not numbered (common with e-books) but clicking on the trick title on the content page takes you instantly to the selected routine. All the effects have photo illustrations to help you along in learning the effects.

The first two effects, “Plan B Aces” and “Is it Close?” are an ace production and a revelation of a selected card. You could probably learn both in five minutes. They share a presentational approach in that in each case it appears you’ve made an error, but you quickly and surprisingly correct it.

The next three effects include a triumph which is a spin- off of the second effect, a printing effect and a method of finding two jokers (a variation on a routine in “The Self Working Project”) which applies an old force in an interesting way.

“Flush Exchange” is a routine with two poker hands, “Homer’s Odd You See” is Ryan’s simplified approach to the Oscar/Fred effect which may not be as strong as others but just as practical and amusing and “Count Elmsley’s Treasure” is a variation on Elmsley’s “Diamond Cut Diamond” and the routine which uses the second deal. I can’t help thinking there must be an easier way of doing this, maybe I’ll think of it later.

If you like Marvel movies, “Avengers Assemble” is a story type presentation wherein the aces are Avengers, though you could come up with another presentation if you’re not a fan.

My personal favorites are probably the last two effects in the collection, “A View to An Overkill” and “Counted on It”. Both are easy and strong, though I’ll probably substitute a short card for the breather crimp in the latter.
Message: Posted by: Matt Adams (Oct 25, 2016 09:25PM)
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