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Topic: What have you bought over a year ago that you still use now ?
Message: Posted by: warren (Oct 9, 2016 07:44AM)
Everyone is always interested in purchasing the next miracle but what trick/effect have you purchased over 12 months ago and still use regularly now and if you could add your reasons or provide a little review that would be even better ?

To get the ball rolling I use a JOL hip wallet as my everyday wallet and have done so for many years its quick to load, ready instantly with no get ready required and I have the benefit of being able to load cards, coins and rings to name but a few items at a moments notice.

Bill switch in various forms has been excellent value and time well spent ie lottery ticket to cash, change the value of the bill etc very commercial

3Fly 111 by Daryl whilst I have altered the handling a little over the years it's still basically Daryl's routine, my reasons it packs small plays big ie great for large tables instant reset, no special coins requires other than large coins.

Just to throw a card trick in the mix I have performed Paul Gordon's Diminishing Not Likely for many years and still do to this day which I learned off his Card Startlers dvd which was great value for money for me as its got many practical card routines on there that I still use to this day.
Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Oct 9, 2016 03:10PM)
Extreme Burn
Super Triple Coin
Message: Posted by: Charles Gaff (Oct 9, 2016 08:53PM)
Extreme burn 2.0,anniversary waltz, fiber optics
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Oct 9, 2016 09:57PM)
Many of my Johnson "Silver line" (walking liberty) coin gaff sets I bought over 20 years ago. I also still do many of the first card effects and rubber band effects I ever learned.

I would propose in addition to the OP's question. What do you own that you are [b]surprised[/b] that you are still using after a year or more? For example, when I first bought "Color Monte" all those years ago, I thought it was a "cute, one off effect" that I "may" toss in from time to time but I also thought it was too "proplike" to be taken seriously. (After all I was pretty good with a real 3 card monte that was much more powerful - in my opinion) to this day, I have probably wore out at least 4 or 5 sets and still use it in almost every gig at one time or another.

Books and Dvd's are another thing that could be addressed to both questions. I have books I go back to all the time. Some are no brained like Modern Coin Magic and Royal Road and I have some old pamphlet type books that only cost a dollar or so back then that I still pop open occasionally. And some of my old VHS tapes were so good I wore them out and rebought them in DVD form later. Then others, I regret buying after one watch/read (if even a whole watch/read)

Good question, now you got me thinking about a lot of items that were "latest and greatest" only to end up in the junk drawer... suddenly, years later, I pull it out and use it often. :-) go figure.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Oct 10, 2016 07:43AM)
Well! The first PROP that I bought (#1.75) from a magic shop in 1945 (Percy Abbott) was a BRAKAWA FAN, I used it for years, and finally replaced it, about 1970 with one made by Ed Miller. (Actually, I bought all that Frances Marshall had in stock, as Miller had died, and I used the fan in every show.

The fan and wands routine STOPS THE SHOW with laughs. Over the years, on two occasions in high schools, I got a STANDING OVATION with the BRAKAWA FAN!

I wrote up the routine in my book, It uses an "ordinary" wand, a brakawa wand, a shooting wand, and, a brakawa fan. It runs about five minutes. The only set up, is reloading the shooting wand.
Message: Posted by: warren (Oct 10, 2016 12:24PM)
This is exactly the sort of responses I was looking for thanks for the input, I almost included extreme Burn myself but as we're starting to move over to the polymer notes here in the UK left it off my list as I have a feeling I won't use it as much as I did back in the day :-(

Poof-Daddy excellent idea to include books and videos/dvd in to the mix, my first magic book was The Complete Course In Magic by Mark Wilson and I still use that book today.
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Oct 10, 2016 03:53PM)
SvenPads for sure combined with Rainbow by SEO Magic. My favorite two purchases in years.
Message: Posted by: mistervader (Oct 11, 2016 02:03AM)
I've been using the Wizard's Manual for years as a great way to end my parlor/stage shows, provided I'm sure that I don't have repeat audiences.

Given what you can do with the Wizard's Manual, the storytelling possibilities for the effect are virtually endless. You can call it hypnosis, time travel, paranormal activity, or whatever else your imagination can provide you with, and it never fails to be a show stopper.

I'm a huge sucker for effects that you can call attention to at the start of your show, then get back to at the very end. The Wizard's Manual is the easiest one of the lot, because it relies on showmanship far more than anything else.
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Oct 11, 2016 08:13AM)
Sponge Balls - they're great :)

TurboStick - a wonderful paddle effect/routine, and a very 'user-friendly' handle for 'doing the move', though I wish the actual paddle was more elegant looking.
Message: Posted by: John C (Oct 11, 2016 02:40PM)
Pom pom stick, vanishing bandana...
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Oct 11, 2016 03:36PM)
Haunted doll - seems great quality as a replacement for my previous voodoo doll. Lovely little spooky trick :)
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Oct 12, 2016 02:30PM)
Still using my Walsh appearing cane I bought in 1965. Also have a P&L change bag and an aluminum chick pan I still use, probably bought in early 70's. Jim
Message: Posted by: warren (Oct 12, 2016 03:52PM)
[quote]On Oct 11, 2016, Terrible Wizard wrote:
Sponge Balls - they're great :)

TurboStick - a wonderful paddle effect/routine, and a very 'user-friendly' handle for 'doing the move', though I wish the actual paddle was more elegant looking. [/quote]

You gotta love sponge balls :-D
Message: Posted by: SleightlyChris (Oct 12, 2016 04:12PM)
My Sponge Balls - I should probably wash these at some point

Omni Deck - crowd killer for 3 years running!

Triad Coins - Josh was right, these are killer for kids.

Rope - Cant beat a rope routine

Mini Chop Cup - Crowd pleaser.
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Oct 12, 2016 08:01PM)
I bought Lee Asher's Three Stylin and a I use it all the time.
Message: Posted by: Pizpor (Oct 12, 2016 08:56PM)
Stupid Bean Trick - love it.

Richard Sanders Fiber Optics - an insanely popular effect in my show.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Oct 14, 2016 07:33PM)
I have the stupid bean trick too and love it. However, it won't last me another 50 years. I'll be dead in 20! Jim
Message: Posted by: GalloMagic (Oct 14, 2016 08:14PM)
The MD Mini by Promystic, all of Pro Mystic's stuff is great; I use my MD mini all the time.
Message: Posted by: AJ MAJIC (Oct 14, 2016 10:48PM)
Industrial Revelation, The Extractor, Nest of Wallets...
Message: Posted by: Adeofspades (Oct 22, 2016 02:49PM)
Gimmick: Supersharpie (need to find the correct size refill - Please help!!!),

Packet: Powerball 60, Entourage, Strange Travellers

Wallets: SAW, Aleph Wallet

App: Icube, Ipredict Pro

Impromptu & Propless: Multiplicity (Max Maven), Alain Nu Signagram & Isabella's Star
Message: Posted by: NeverMind (Oct 22, 2016 02:57PM)
Telethought Wallet, Powerball 60, Pk ring just to name a few.
Message: Posted by: warren (Oct 27, 2016 08:42AM)
[quote]On Oct 14, 2016, Andrew Masters wrote:
Industrial Revelation, The Extractor, Nest of Wallets... [/quote]

Nest of wallets is great 😊
Message: Posted by: Marc O (Oct 28, 2016 02:07AM)
ESP cards.
Copper/silver coin.
Visionary 2.
Telepathy cards.
Marked deck.
Paralab businesscard.
Message: Posted by: NeverMind (Oct 28, 2016 08:24AM)
Not to forget.......my suit, which I bought over a year ago :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Oct 31, 2016 08:40PM)
Andy Nyman - The Code ; It just give me super power beyond a normal deck can do.
Promystics - RDR; what more you can ask for if RDR can perform Real Die and Mini MD at the same time?
Cosmo Solano - Q; pack invisible, play huge from close up to parlor
Paralab - Parapd; even most veteran magician have no idea how info can be extract with such clean impression device.


And a very, very special personal customize Inferno, which I cannt tell anymore, but if one trick can do, this is it.
Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Nov 1, 2016 01:51PM)
Comedy Snake Basket, Tenyo Pen Thru, Mullica wallet,Dagger Chest, Sponge Ball super soft.
Message: Posted by: senno52 (Nov 2, 2016 11:53AM)
Omni Deck
ok...and sponge bunnies
Message: Posted by: j100taylor (Nov 2, 2016 12:27PM)
Tube by Russell and Ethan Leeds
Message: Posted by: Ihop (Nov 9, 2016 12:29PM)
Extreme Burn
Theatre Magic's Fire Wallet w card to wallet
Powerball 60
Bill switch
Pro Flite
Sponge Balls
The Inception
Vanishing wine bottle
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Hydrostatic Glass
Professor's Nightmare
Hopping Halves
Scotch & Soda
Nest of Wallets
Message: Posted by: Charles Gaff (Jan 11, 2017 11:03AM)
Extreme Burn 2 L&L
Twisted Sister
Fiber Optics
Stand Up Monte
Phoenix II Cups and Balls w Busker Pouch
Message: Posted by: Killertweety (Jan 11, 2017 11:38AM)
Done with mirrors.
Message: Posted by: ceme20 (Jan 12, 2017 08:27PM)
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Jan 13, 2017 07:55PM)
Tiny Plunger and Ambideckstrous
Message: Posted by: Escamoteur (Jan 14, 2017 02:29AM)
Stealth Assassin - I ALWAYS leave the house with at least this - priceless (although after 9 years I did recently purchase another as it became battle-worn)
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Jan 14, 2017 02:05PM)
There are quite a few effects which I call my trusty favourites and have had for some time.

My oldest effect was bought from Supreme, Fogel's Psuedo Pychometry
Between the Lines by Michael Murray
AREA by Looch
Key-rect bought from Repro Magic
Visionary 2 by Stephen Young
The Sven Pad
and a set of coloured ESP cards, released many years ago by Magic Christian

There are others but the above have stood me in marvelous stead.
Message: Posted by: puggo (Jan 16, 2017 09:18AM)
For Tricks & Effects:
-Real mans wallet (no slide used)
-Robson instant reset 'Workers Dream' Wallet (for jacket) using Bonsalopes
-Nest of wallets
-Rope (Sands, Sanders, Tabary)
-James Prince Mirrors (rather than Omni)
Message: Posted by: warren (Jan 16, 2017 05:30PM)
[quote]On Jan 16, 2017, puggo wrote:
For Tricks & Effects:
-Real mans wallet (no slide used)
-Robson instant reset 'Workers Dream' Wallet (for jacket) using Bonsalopes
-Nest of wallets
-Rope (Sands, Sanders, Tabary)
-James Prince Mirrors (rather than Omni) [/quote]

Interesting I thought a slide was essential with the Real Man's Wallet ?
Message: Posted by: Proximo (Feb 14, 2017 08:38AM)
Actually I've bought Melt 2.0 a year ago, and just yesterday finally whipped it out :-)
So it's not something I "still" use, rather something I "finally" use.
Message: Posted by: RNK (Feb 15, 2017 10:44AM)
Pointless, Shiva Wallet, Color Monte, Powerball 60, Daryl's III Fly to name a few.
Message: Posted by: rmendez (Feb 18, 2017 03:02AM)
Dicey Dots by Daryl
It's The Rules by Bob Sheets
Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson
Fly Drive by Colin McKenzie
The Bar Cup by Roger Nicot
Loaded Dice by Alan Wakeling
Baffle Bat by Terry LaGerald
Turbo Stick by Richard Sanders
Animental by Danny Archer
Pen Thru Anything by John Cornelius
Color Changing Knives by Joe Mogar
The Light by Christopher Congreave
Quantum Bender 2.0 by John Sheets
SUC by Mark Strivings
TeleThought Wallet by Chris Kensworthey
Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders
Mismade Bill
Mental Killer by Max Krause
Message: Posted by: Barry Gitelson (Feb 19, 2017 04:43PM)
Passing Water by Kovari. Use it in almost every stage/platform show.
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Feb 25, 2017 04:13AM)
Owen One Handed Production Box
Kangaroo Coins
Owen Card In Balloon
Owen Shifting Sands
Rice Orange and Checkers
Majestic Hydro Die Magic Wagon
Paul Fox Candy Dish
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Feb 25, 2017 02:27PM)
Of course, in the past 70 years, I've worn out, and replaced two DISECTOS. Ditto, hand dye tubes, about a half dozen, a .22 cal. A&B Magic Shooting Wand has lasted since '51, "several" brakawa wands were replaced, my Ireland golf balls, were replaced by Fakinis, although I haven't done the multiplying balls in at least 55 years, spools and spools of rope have been bought, a new Busby Egg Bag, replaced my Harold Sterling bag, in '95, many Trouble Wits have worn out and been replaced.

I'm still using the same deck of Bikes that I broke in for white glove fan productions in '51, and, are now used for fancy shuffles & flourishes, the same comedy balloon pump, purchased in '65, still works, I've had to buy several sets of 20th C. silks, (13-15 shows a week, does wear out silks, miscellaneous small silks for dye tube, etc, were replaced,linking rings (3) last forever, big silks for the Merv Taylor Tambor (only used occasionally for evening shows) are still looking good.

Oh! I bought a new coin pail. The bottom of the aluminum pail that Jack Chanin sold me in '53, was so rounded out, that it wobbled if set down. The new "Charlie Miller pail" wouldn't fit in the new prop case, so I'm now using a bucket that I paid $.89 for, in a thrift shop. The same 5 coins still work.

PS: My last print order for my "improved FRESH FISH SOLD HERE TODAY, was 10,000 sheets. They're almost all used up. I'm still doing occasional dates. I think that I retired, just in time. (Bobo and I compared notes, just before he died, and we both estimated that we had done about 20,000 shows. (Hmmm...Maybe I should write a book!)

I guess that I haven't done my part to keep the "B&Ms in business! Do ya think that the "I Bother Magicians", and the "Some Are Magicians" will take away my membership cards?

PS: I'm putting that Abbott Brakawa Fan, which I bought in '45 in the Michael Claxton Lyceum Magicians Museum. I had retired it when I bought the last of the Ed Miller fans that Frances Marshall had in stock. The silk had been replaced after about 25 years. (The Miller fans had fiber ribs--much lighter to carry!)
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Feb 25, 2017 03:00PM)
I don't leave home without my T-tip.
Message: Posted by: Stephon Johnson (Mar 1, 2017 02:50PM)
I always carry:
4-Morgans+exp shell in a Traveler purse
CoinFusion by Gregory Wilson
Ignition -key thru Bill
Message: Posted by: Lars (Mar 24, 2017 05:55AM)
Kids Kards by Richard Pinner, it is an absolute killer both for strolling and tables.
Message: Posted by: tomstian88 (Apr 7, 2017 08:59PM)
QB 3, loops and JOL wallet plus small
Message: Posted by: montanna40 (Apr 9, 2017 04:51AM)
The Code - Andy Nyman
Get Sharky
Bag For Life

Always get great reactions 👍
Message: Posted by: obrienmagic (Apr 11, 2017 04:09PM)
Extreme burn - Richard Sanders
Ninja Plus - Matthew Garrett
Ninja rings - Shoot Ogawa/Masahiro Yanagida
Greed - Daniel Garcia
Sharp this - David Bonfadini
Splash Bottle Production - David Stone
Rubix Cube - Garrett Thomas
Message: Posted by: MR Effecto (Apr 12, 2017 08:25AM)
Industrial Revelation

Turbo Stick


P.K. ring. Cap in bottle.

These are some of my go to effect in my bar.

At a show the dancing hanky for sure.
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Apr 12, 2017 02:10PM)
Jeff Prace's Search Engine Pen and Danny Archer's Eye Test.
Message: Posted by: xtrouble (May 8, 2017 04:41PM)
Third degree burn - Jason Palter
Spirit Telegraph - Tim Wisseman
Message: Posted by: magicsachin (May 18, 2017 05:30AM)
Invisible Deck
Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica by Paul Harris and Tim Trono
Alarmed by Noel Qualter and Alakazam
Nesting Wallets (AKA Nest of Wallets) by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong
Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax
Loops New Generation by Yigal Mesika
Fair Play DVD by Steve Haynes
Multi Dimensional by ProMystic
Hyper ESP Cards by Tenyo Magic
Message: Posted by: Sixten (May 19, 2017 03:55AM)
"Nemo 1500" (Allow me to extend, purchased decades ago)

Changed it: Any number can be mentioned (I prefer 5-to-45). Deck can be fully displayed. No d******t*s.

Love this effect! :)
Message: Posted by: zachwyman (May 22, 2017 10:48AM)
Pyro Perception
Quarter Squeeze
Message: Posted by: Rook (May 22, 2017 03:22PM)
I do quite a bit of rotation, because I get lot of repeat clientele, however...

My Every Day Carry for over a year now includes:
The same Royal Magic Haunted Key (of all things...I'm still surprised that I get such great reactions from it!)
The same set of thumbcuffs
A deck of DMC Elites (though I recently acquired the improved version).

In the parlor act for over a year:

Fielding West's version of the Wings of Warsaw
Jimmy Fingers' Choppo
Message: Posted by: LeoH (Aug 5, 2017 04:49AM)
Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte (Bill Malone's Routine)
Fast and Loose
3 Shell Game (SFS Street Shells)

3 Card Joe
SFS Tradeshow Shells
Stupid Bean Trick
Message: Posted by: Rob_magician (Aug 7, 2017 05:11AM)
A TT and I almost always have some loops
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 9, 2019 03:15PM)
[quote]On Mar 1, 2017, Stephon Johnson wrote:
I always carry:
4-Morgans+exp shell in a Traveler purse
CoinFusion by Gregory Wilson
Ignition -key thru Bill [/quote]

I envy you coin guys. Very small props for so much magic.
Message: Posted by: aligator (Feb 10, 2019 09:43AM)
Just about everything. have added a few new things lately. Have been using multi dimensional for close to 8 years.
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Feb 10, 2019 08:07PM)
I love the fact that everybody is different. 👍. Some are only kind of different. Nuthin' wrong w/ that to me! You can almost get a better idea of who each person is. Maybe not a lot but at least a little bit. 👍👈
As for me: color monte, Triumph (not a card guy though), Gregory Wilsons Ring leader. Awesome!
Message: Posted by: debjit (Mar 18, 2019 03:56PM)
Double Cross by Mark Southworth
Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Mar 23, 2019 04:31PM)
Hopping Half and BíWave
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Mar 24, 2019 08:38PM)
A new trocar and 3 double occupancy coffins.
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Mar 25, 2019 10:52AM)
Mental Killer

Only Paid $10

Now costs $100.
Message: Posted by: reed kammerer (Mar 25, 2019 08:54PM)
Message: Posted by: prankmonster (Mar 29, 2019 04:56AM)
Everything I have bought from Craig from PM a year ago is still in use today and still works. I'm amazed by the quality of his offerings.
Message: Posted by: Wx4usa (Mar 29, 2019 06:21AM)
TT every day :)
Message: Posted by: Magikgym (May 17, 2019 06:06PM)
Little Door - gets awesome reactions
Tru - fun and looks impossible
Double Cross - awesome in the spectator hand effect.
Message: Posted by: helder (May 19, 2019 02:37PM)
[quote]On Oct 9, 2016, warren wrote:
Just to throw a card trick in the mix I have performed Paul Gordon's Diminishing Not Likely for many years and still do to this day which I learned off his Card Startlers dvd which was great value for money for me as its got many practical card routines on there that I still use to this day. [/quote]

warren check Chris Congreave version, that's the one I perform and love it.
Message: Posted by: helder (May 19, 2019 02:39PM)
[quote]On Oct 12, 2016, SleightlyChris wrote:

Omni Deck - crowd killer for 3 years running!
. [/quote]

SleightlyChris wich version you perform?
Message: Posted by: Arthur T (May 21, 2019 03:30AM)
Sherlock Holmes Book Test
Screen Test by ALAkazam
Lexicology Paul Carnazzo
Message: Posted by: Logan (May 21, 2019 12:04PM)
For me, its' gotta be:

Sponge balls
Double Cross
Ring Flight Revolution
Stand up Monte
Invisible Deck

Plus as of late (though I know it ain't 10 years old :lol: )

DFB :applause:
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (May 23, 2019 06:34AM)
When I was 13, I got my first Abbott catalog (#7). Paging through it, the DEMON WONDER BOX caught my eye! (I was still in the can, pan, box and tube phase!) But, it was $7.50! --much more than my paper route income for a week. I bought Percy's CHINESE WONDER FAN (Tarbell cone) --$2.00. It wore out within a year.

Six years later, in the Navy, I was in the old EdMar Magic shop, in Norfolk. Doc Karland Frischkorn had died, and the shop was handling his estate sale. WOW! there in the case was a Wonder Box! --and, only $5.00. I nearly tore my underwear, getting out my wallet!

I had no routine for it, I was still in the can, pan, tube phase! I 'cobbled together, a silk vanish and reproduction, which played nicely for a year or two. Then the WONDER BOX, was retired.

About 25 years later, I decided to put T. Francis Fritz's 20th Century Silks into my act. I wanted to get at least 5 minutes, or more, out of it, and I wanted a surprise finish. Harold Rice had the silks, and, in playing with them, I noticed the Wonder Box, EUREKA! I had the extra minutes, and, I could "fill the stage", and have a SURPRISE FINISH with the routine!

I've used the routine for about 45 or 50 years! It's strong enough to be "next to closing"! I wrote it up in my book, cuz, I've seen so many LOUSY "demonstrations" --certainly not performances, of the 20C!
If I had only saved up my paper route money!
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (May 23, 2019 11:11AM)
TT every day!
Message: Posted by: Magikgym (Jun 15, 2019 10:15AM)
Little door
Double cross
Message: Posted by: warren (Jun 15, 2019 10:22AM)
[quote]On May 19, 2019, helder wrote:
[quote]On Oct 9, 2016, warren wrote:
Just to throw a card trick in the mix I have performed Paul Gordon's Diminishing Not Likely for many years and still do to this day which I learned off his Card Startlers dvd which was great value for money for me as its got many practical card routines on there that I still use to this day. [/quote]

warren check Chris Congreave version, that's the one I perform and love it. [/quote]

I'm actually friends with Chris and agree it's a great version however I have my own handling which I prefer ;)
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Jun 16, 2019 07:40AM)
Jim Riser Midi Copper Cups & Balls. Has to be my favorite set of cups to use. My father is rolling over in his grave
as I type.

Jake Jr.
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Jun 19, 2019 04:56PM)
Everything bizarre.
Message: Posted by: The Unmasked Magician (Jun 20, 2019 02:13AM)
Which is ...
Message: Posted by: RNK (Jun 25, 2019 05:51PM)
Daryl's III Fly
Powerball 60
Ring flight
Message: Posted by: martysh (Jun 26, 2019 08:42AM)
Many for me as I strive to make new purchases relevant..but the biggest crowd pleasers for me are easily...klaus the mouse and stickman bob.

Message: Posted by: poolside (Jul 14, 2019 02:36PM)
Humbug by Angelo Carbone, Double Cross by Mark Southworth, and Stand-up Monte by Garrett Thomas
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jul 16, 2019 04:53PM)
1 - Day One by Scott Cram - "the human calendar"
2 - Casino Coins by Eddie Gibson - "2-coin colour monte"
3 - X-Act by Mike Kirby/Mark Mason - "an open prediction of a card at any position"

all 3 are in my working routine ...
Message: Posted by: CDenys (Jul 20, 2019 02:01PM)
Destiny deck
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Jul 21, 2019 10:43AM)
I see I contributed to this thread in 2017 and most of the effects I listed then I still use, or have updated eg from Visionary 2 to 3. And for my coloured ESP cards I now use Zeneration X, which are absolutely brilliant. But to this list of trusty favourites and effects I have been using for some time I add Looch's Blink.
Message: Posted by: The Unmasked Magician (Jul 24, 2019 07:46AM)
Iíll second Blink. And Underlooked, for that matter. And 100th Monkey.
Message: Posted by: Doric (Jul 24, 2019 08:49AM)
Stealth Assassin wallet
Color Monte (a classic)
Hopping halves
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Aug 6, 2019 11:24AM)
"Doric" ...
Hopping Halves (sun and moon) - I agree, a true classic.
Wish I had not sold my set.
Message: Posted by: The Mysterious One (Aug 13, 2019 10:27PM)
I think we need to differentiate between stuff we bought for certain performance conditions and audiences. For example, you wouldn't be performing certain tricks for younger audiences (kids) that would slay teenage and adult audiences (e.g., Needle swallow, Russian Roulette, a lot of card effects, most mentalism, etc.) What I use on a regular basis for performances for close up magic and mentalism are that I have owned for longer than a year:

Imagination Coins
Dream Prediction Elite
Cool Cash
Playing cards
Sponge Balls
Message: Posted by: MR Effecto (Aug 14, 2019 06:55AM)
Turbo stick
Smoke to mouth. Sim Lim
Message: Posted by: reed kammerer (Aug 14, 2019 10:34AM)
TT, Crystal Clever,Cube-Libre.
Message: Posted by: Bearded_Ste (Aug 18, 2019 01:38PM)
Spectator's Choice by Steven Daniels
Message: Posted by: ryanshaw9572 (Aug 19, 2019 08:19PM)
Svenpad Notesó when they get beaten up they look even more innocent.
Message: Posted by: simplymagicweb (Aug 22, 2019 09:35AM)
Triple Threat - Todd Lassen
Secret Servante (sorry, couldn't resist!)
Message: Posted by: Poor dini (Aug 27, 2019 05:15PM)
My oxf set from Jamie. Iíll use them independently or together. I also switched to only using the marked maiden back penguin cards. I donít always use the markings, but at 5.00 a deck, they are worth doing all my card work with. People never notice if Iím using a rider back gaff with them. I never had a marked deck signed in the past because they were too expensive to ruin. At the price for them and how well they handle...itís worth the investment.
Message: Posted by: Alex McFly (Sep 2, 2019 06:08AM)
DFB by Nick Einhorn & Craig Squires
Message: Posted by: Glenn Aga (Nov 13, 2019 10:23AM)
Triple Threat (Lassen);
Omni Deck (Palmer Magic / Farquhar);
and In the Middle )Mark Mason).
I am not surprised that I use the first two - they are both so good and strong, but the audience response to In the Middle has me still using it over and over again; I bought a second set as backup.
Message: Posted by: Pauldelafontaine (Jan 6, 2020 01:28PM)
Marked penguin cards
Message: Posted by: Kaliix (Jan 8, 2020 07:48AM)
Deceit Treat - Cameron Francis
This has become one of my favorite impromptu effects. I find there to be plenty of room for my personality to come out when performing this trick.
Message: Posted by: gabelson (Jan 10, 2020 10:52PM)
These are effects I've had for at least a year, and find an opportunity to use every day. IMO, that's the benchmark. What do you still use on a daily (or almost daily) basis?

1: DFB- use it everyday (and I'm not a fan of apps, but the potential is unlimited with this, and I take it FAR away from the phone before my routine is over)
2: Flux by Pro Mystic
3: Real Die by Pro Mystic
4: Paul Carnazzo's Wallet Zenner Cards (always in my wallet)
5: Turner watch
6: Organic Choice using a receipt from Ralph's (huge supermarket chain in CA)
7: QB 2
Message: Posted by: Jxb1989 (Jan 29, 2020 07:48PM)
1. Penguin marked decks
2. Haunted 2.0
3. Blistering (key ring blister gimmick)
4. Vapr (with the propdog hack)
5. Turner watch
6. Inject
7. Card2Phone app
Message: Posted by: stevie c (Jan 30, 2020 05:07AM)
1. Petite chop cup ... Shot glass size ... Awesome!!
2. DFB
3. Psypher plus....
4. O** w** m***** d***
Message: Posted by: jnork (Feb 2, 2020 08:52PM)
Pointless (just bought 2 more)
Extreme Burn
Quantum Bender (have 3)
Omni Deck
Mother Of All Booktests (2 hard-backs, original soft back, 2.0, pocket edition)
Sight Unseen Case
Message: Posted by: mistervader (Aug 9, 2020 09:54PM)
Cody Fisher's Comedy Booktest is still a great one for me. If I wanted to do a serious show, of course, I can easily use any of the many other books I already have on me, but it's the way Cody set up his routine that is perfect for my performing style. He has so much room for me to sneak in my own standup jokes, allowing me to really get my whole schtick across in one routine.

I still use the Lady and the Rope and the Shanghai Shackles even if they're not mentalism routines just because they're really good comedy bits. That, and they translate well with all ages, as I perform for kids and adults with regularity.

Haven't done any physical shows for obvious reasons in a while, but that being said, for Zoom shows, the 100 Monkey effect still plays crazy well, so long as you've tested it a bunch of times beforehand.
Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (Aug 11, 2020 08:37AM)
My memorized deck
Message: Posted by: mandrax (Aug 15, 2020 09:38PM)
1- Deluxe Nest of wallets
2 - Charming Chinese Challenge
3- Tenyo Four nightmare
4- Deluxe ring and rope by TCC
Message: Posted by: jack_shields (Aug 20, 2020 06:25AM)
Some of these are great...
Message: Posted by: thegreatscungilli (Sep 16, 2020 12:06PM)
Copper/Silver, Hopping Halves, Various Coin Shells all by Johnson Products, Kennedy Flipper by Tod Lassen
Paul Fox Cups Stainless C&C Cups from Airship - my favorite of the cups and balls I have
Penguin Reader Decks,DMC Elites, Butterfly Decks
Devils Hank
Midas Cups
Card punch
Corner punch
Irish 8's, Darby Cuffs, Hamburg 8's
Anverdi Mental Dice
PK Ring
5th Assistant