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Topic: Half Track by Christopher Taylor Review
Message: Posted by: fredr500 (Oct 12, 2016 08:31PM)
This is a card trick, but not a simple pick a card, or even a do as I do. This involves giving 2 spectators each half of the deck. They choose 10 cards each, shuffle and select a card from their stack (either randomly or by searching for a card they like) and exchange them face down. They again shuffle their packs, then combine into one pack. You then pass each card over each of their hands and sense the selected cards. Very clean, very hands off, very impressive. They do all the work, you never look at the faces, you make no sneaky moves, no sleight of hand(unless you want to throw in a false cut or shuffle but they really arenít needed). you truly donít know the selected card until the very end when they turn over the cards.

The only restriction is you must use your own deck (although it can be used after this as a regular deck, because it is). No-one but a magician will notice or care, and even they usually wonít notice. You can focus on the fairness of selection, the fact that you donít touch the cards until after the selection and shuffling of the deck.

Part of me is concerned that this is a single effect, $15 card trick. But in todayís day of $30 one-trick downloads it is not priced unreasonably. Iíve certainly spent more than this on lesser effects. If you need an easy-to-perform card trick this may be just what you are looking for.

Message: Posted by: Christopher Taylor (Oct 13, 2016 12:00PM)
I love performing this "think a card" effect. The MOST common comment from muggles after seeing this is (as Fred said too), "Impressive".

Message: Posted by: John C (Oct 13, 2016 01:41PM)
I have this as well. I like it and Hotel is great.