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Topic: Why Tenyo related sites remain unchanged?
Message: Posted by: markymarkmagicuk (Oct 15, 2016 02:41PM)
Tenyo has been one of my favourite makers of magic props since I was a kid. And I notice from reading these forums and others, just how HUGE the Tenyo following is throughout the world. Yet, for a company so popular, it's amazing that many of the fantastic dedicated websites relating to Tenyo seem to lay dormant, and never updated. Even the Tenyo official site never appears to change much, with some info outdated.
Considering we now live in a "social media" world, people love to follow and interact with companies. From a business point of view it makes for excellent marketing.
It's a shame to visit so many good Tenyo related sites (unofficial) which contain lots of great info and pictures, yet some are still the same they were 10 years ago. I guess that's why I like to hang out here, at Magic Café as info and ideas are "of the moment".
Just an observation.
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Oct 18, 2016 08:58PM)
Having just done a 1200 page Tenyo book (can you imagine a 1200 page Tenyo website?) I think I can fairly say that since most websites are one-man operations, fatigue sets in after some years. Both Stereo's Tenyo Blogspot and Angelo Carbone's Tenyoworld are still excellent repositories of knowledge even though they have not been updated recently. John Mazza's Tenyo forum is the most current, but activity waxes and wanes. You have to poke around and get the best information you can from various sources, or you can just buy my book! The difference between everything online and Tenyoism is that everything I wrote was done with the cooperation of the company, so all the information is as complete and correct as it can be. The same cannot be said of websites where the webmasters and writers had to speculate about facts because there was no other source of information open to them. But my book stops with the 2015 line of tricks. It has to stop somewhere! There will always be more to be written as each new line comes out every year. And that's where the internet and my writeups in Genii every year carry things forward.