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Topic: Born's Bag carry pack
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Oct 16, 2016 06:28AM)
I recently purchased this sleek over the shoulder carry bag that makes sense. Some of you can get by with one or two items and also usually wear a jacket. I don't always wear a jacket and this is cool. I also designed a folding close up mat to fit in the bag. Check out www.borninnivations.com to see his video. Just posted the mat on www.pattricks magic.com yesterday and John will have them on his site too. However this post is about this neat design. Very Cool.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Oct 18, 2016 04:20PM)
Could not find any folding mats on born, and your link does not work.
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Oct 21, 2016 07:28AM)
Bill, I see my site on this post is interrupted. Try www.pattricksmagic.com
Top tab Pattrick's mats
Order mats here scroll till you fin it.
Thank you
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Oct 21, 2016 07:30AM)
Johns video is on the bag so far, my mat is called Born's Book Mat.
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Nov 4, 2016 03:15PM)
Correct spelling - http://borninnovations.com/
Message: Posted by: elimagic (Nov 9, 2017 08:13AM)
Anyone actually using this? Seems a bit purse like ?
Message: Posted by: pattrick (Nov 15, 2017 06:25AM)
Eli, I donít use it as a walk around or strolling gig item. However I do keep a pretty full set of cards, props and of course a Mat loaded, so when I want to go out I can just pick up and go fully loaded with everything in need. You wear it like a backpack, but over the shoulder. I have affected 3 magic conventions over the past month and took notice to how many high profile guys are using this or a shoulder bag or something similar. Besides Indiana Jones has a satchel too. Personal preference .
Message: Posted by: John Born (Jun 21, 2018 09:38AM)
Hey guys - only 30 left, the probably gone forever. So if you are considering this, now is the time!



Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Jun 22, 2018 04:00PM)
[quote]On Nov 9, 2017, elimagic wrote:
Anyone actually using this? Seems a bit purse like ? [/quote]

I don't see any real resemblance to a purse. In fact, I have noticed that 1 strap backpacks have become more common for men. When I first saw this for sale, I thought it was a bit too expensive so I looked up leather tablet bags and realized it was right in line with several one strap bags for ipads and such and his included a book. Also, a lot of the bags I saw were not as "usable" for magic as his bag (in the set up and pocket placement) his is ideal. Add one of those nice folding mats from Pattrick and you are ready to perform almost without notice.

As for "Is anybody using this"?, I do not use his exactly but I use a similar one strap tactical bag from a sporting goods store because I need to carry more than just a few magic items when I go out. My bag is larger than his but smaller than a backpack. Mine also does not have the "almost perfectly placed compartments" that the Born Bag has. I can however pull it from back to front and access the large pocket where I keep my cards, coins, rubber bands and close up mat.
Message: Posted by: Dustin Baker (Sep 25, 2018 12:56PM)
For those unfamiliar, the style is called a "sling bag".

Maxpedition helped make them popular when they were included in several video games and movies, they were already popular in the tactical community because you can rotate the bag around and access it without taking it off.

The Maxpedition Monsoon was the first to see wide popularity: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51useGKFLHL._SX425_.jpg

But the one I see the most often now is the Versipack and the assorted knockoffs: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51MSBRf3LJL.jpg
I would assume this is the style Poof-Daddy mentioned, they've become VERY popular.

I'm actually surprised that the Versipack design isn't more popular with magicians; I would think it would be great for buskers and anyone who does occasional balloon work. They're versatile, they're rugged, and they have enough pockets to keep you organized without making "over compartmentalization" an issue.

The sling bag design is also popular with photographers. Caselogic, Think Tank, and Manfrotto all make sling bag designs for easy access to your camera and lenses without the need to take the pack off.

To the Born bag itself:
I am a hoarder of bags. Messenger bags, backpacks, hip packs, camera bags, luggage, you name it I've had dozens of them. Not because I needed them, but because it is one of my weird compulsions. As a person who has many MANY bags, and is constantly buying new ones (which is why I know all this crap) I very much do not like this design.
While I'm sure it is made of high quality materials and all around "made well" it looks like a bag they sell at my local mall's "Shoe Stop" for $24.99. As well made as it may be, it "looks" cheap.

It also looks suspicious. I don't see many people walking around with leather backpacks. Such bags are most often Nylon because it's more rugged and less likely to tarnish. While an extremely well made leather bag will last an eternity if properly cared for, this still bears so much resemblance to the cheap bags I see floating around that I wouldn't go near it.

The lack of branding is a blessing and a curse. Yes it lacks a logo that says "This is a special magician bag" but it also lacks a label that informs anyone look that it's "not a special magician's bag". I have always preferred to use bags, notepads, cards, etc that are commercially available to anyone - it solidifies that YOU are the one doing the magic not the "special bag", or the special notepad, or the special cards (despite the fact that the bag, the notepads, and the cards are often helping quite a bit). It also lets you answer when people ask where you got the bag, which happens to me fairly often even if I'm not doing magic.

Lastly, I don't know why someone would use this in strolling magic.
Between four pants pockets and a jacket, I don't know what you would put in this bag that you couldn't just carry on your person. I look to such bags because I have "day job stuff" and "side job stuff" I need to carry around and I also want to carry a few magic items. When I was still table hopping, I carried everything in my pockets; and from the explanation given, I don't see what this bag is going to carry that I can't just put in my pockets. This also seems both inconvenient and awkward for strolling. Example: Your hands fall naturally to your sides and you ditch prop "x"- except they don't because there's a bag strapped across your chest that you keep your props in, which means your effect no longer resets.