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Topic: Psychomatic Deck with thin cards
Message: Posted by: Chester Sass (Nov 1, 2016 05:46AM)
Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a marketed deck of these cards? I'd liked to use them for Luke Jermays TOD. I made one for myself but it wasn't perfect.
Thanks for you're help.

Have a nice day.
Message: Posted by: Magicol-1 (Nov 1, 2016 05:49AM)
Here you go.

Card Shark
Message: Posted by: Chester Sass (Nov 1, 2016 06:38AM)
Hi Magicol-1, thanks for your response.
This is the deck that I made mine with. You get the cards but you have to glue them yourself. Now I would like to know if you can buy completly prepared decks.
Message: Posted by: Lseeyou (Nov 4, 2016 04:54PM)
Hi Chester, without damaging the cards which glue did you used?

Possible to share... I didn't glued mine yet.

Message: Posted by: Chester Sass (Nov 4, 2016 08:34PM)
Hi Lseeyou, my first try was with double sided tape! :-D It worked but the glued side was quite big because of the thickness.
The second try was with normal glue which worked much better. Cardshark is a friend of mine and he told me to use glue that is used to glue pictures in an album.
I think that I'll give it another try. My advice to you is....TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! You have to work very accurate. Hope this helps
Message: Posted by: Lseeyou (Nov 12, 2016 02:25PM)
Hi Chester thanks!

I tried with super glue but unfortunately damaged 2 cards... already emailed Christian and he recommends Pritt Roll-on.
Will try another glue that I have at home and will see what will happen... fingers crossed!

All the best
Message: Posted by: Chester Sass (Nov 13, 2016 09:02AM)
Did he recommend permanent or non permanent glue?
Message: Posted by: brehan (Nov 13, 2016 01:02PM)
Hi chester,
What Does tod stand for?
Thanks brehan
Message: Posted by: Chester Sass (Nov 14, 2016 10:56AM)
TOD stands for Tossed Out Deck!
Message: Posted by: lmrmagic (Nov 21, 2016 10:40AM)
Elmers Rubber cement works perfectly and allows the cards to be flexible even once the glue is dry.