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Topic: Halloween Tricks with Treats
Message: Posted by: Brian Davis (Nov 1, 2016 10:59AM)
So last night we had Halloween... kids wandering everywhere in search of sugary goodness. Normally I sit outside with a bowl of candy and an 8" Dobsonian telescope. I offer the cant, and a view of the Moon, or star clusters, or planets, or anything else that might be up, and the kids (& adults) generally trip over the forgotten candy bowl to take a look through the telescope.

Last night was cloudy. So... what to do?

I pulled out some rope, and while sitting with the bowl of candy started doing simple (*really* simple) rope tricks... vanishing knots, one handed knots, Professor's Nightmare (I had what I needed for some cut-and-restore, but never pulled it out), and I had a great time. There were some kids that after watching (and participating, I generally got them involved) would run off and bring back friends. It was a great way to have fun with a little practice, while entertaining somebody else, and just trying all sorts of different patters and presentations. Talk about a constantly rotating small audience for up-close, surrounded magic.

The fact that I'm a rank amateur at this meant the lighting conditions (poor) were ideal for me as well :)
Message: Posted by: Coolmanclyde (Nov 1, 2016 11:10PM)
You know I never ever considered this but it is a great idea! I totally agree with the low light for us newbies too lol. I don't have any rope experience but a TT Routine, IT, or cups and candy routine would be fun.

Just the thought of the constant rotating crowds would be fun! I just might have to try this out next year. Thanks for sharing.
Message: Posted by: Jan Schattling (Nov 2, 2016 06:25PM)
Great story.
Sadly we don't have much trick or treaters around where I live.
But that is definitely a great way to make this night even more special for the kids. Well done.
Message: Posted by: AndreOng1 (Nov 12, 2016 12:45PM)
This is a tremendous idea, too bad they don't do Trick or treat in where I live.
Message: Posted by: MAV (Dec 4, 2016 10:06PM)
For the past five years we have set up a themed walk-around our house on Halloween. The trick-or-treaters enter a side gate, walk through my raised bed garden which is now a cemetery. Go into the backyard to see various characters and then exit the other side gate. Past themes have been Pirates, Wizard of Oz, Carnival Sideshow and Haunted Mansion. We make it "spooky" not "scary" so as to focus on the little ones and their parents. We now have over 300 trick-or-treaters and parents come by each year. Last year I was an old man that sat in our kitchen window and performed a zombie ball routine replacing the silver ball with a skeleton head. This year I did a head-drop (see Greg Ferguson's tutorial on YouTube). The parents are particularly appreciative and tell us that it is their favorite stop every year and truly makes Halloween a super fun event for their kids. This next year we are considering a theme of Alice in Wonderland, the most recent version. They have some pretty cool characters and we should have a lot of fun putting it together.
Message: Posted by: Blackington (Apr 29, 2018 08:19PM)
Wow - Brian that was the right time, and the right setting (dim lights weren't a problem!) for what you did. The best part is that in its beginning you were planning for it to be small, and limited to a few onlookers... but it grew as a result of the popular/joyful reaction of the kids in your 'audiences'. Word of mouth works even when we aren't looking for it. I can only think that it was wonderful for you, as well as your "helpers".

It's an inspiration for me to imagine doing something similar to what you've shared here. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (May 1, 2018 12:05PM)

Short, visual, fun, easily repeatable tricks! Simple props, like rope, silks, balls, (sponge or golf) etc. If you do family parties, birthday parties, etc. I would have a supply of business cards, or a simple brochure available, to hand out to parents. Keep the "show" SHORT!
Message: Posted by: paulalpha (May 7, 2018 09:11PM)
Excellent Idea. For those of you who don't get too many trick or treaters, there are schools and churches that have parties for kids. A magician could hook up with the school or church to do closeup tricks.
Message: Posted by: bdungey (Apr 8, 2019 08:03PM)
Years later, this is a great idea. I might plan to do this - maybe set up a 'fortune teller' booth in the driveway or something...
Message: Posted by: TomB (Jul 17, 2019 07:21PM)
I did the split man from Greg Furguson. The candy bowl was in my waist. Great angles. Some of the little ones were looking under my top half amazed.
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jul 17, 2019 09:45PM)
Halloween Help from The Magic Nook, our favorite season for performing magic!




Plus more, scattered about The Magic Nook like Tricks Among Treats!
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Jan 16, 2020 05:44PM)
We used to do this : one person is "Igor" (ping pong ball cut in half with iris drawn- over one eye, pillow on one shoulder under a jersey)- holding candy dish, and other person is The Magician- using a simple silk pull-vanisher with a jacket and a large red silk. When the kids arrive, greet them and say "You'll get a Treat, but first you get a Trick". After the large silk vanishes: "Igor!! The candy!!" The silk vanish is quick, so it is easy to reset for the next batch of kids. We even fooled parents. Don't underestimate the old classic silk vanisher.

Douglas M