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Topic: Fred Kaps New - DVD
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 26, 2004 02:55PM)
Wow, this must be a hot movie, can anyone give us a full review?

Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Mar 26, 2004 03:04PM)
Just ordered it will post a review when I recieve and view it
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 26, 2004 08:19PM)
Guys, This needs no review. If you do not know the value of this long awaited item. I feel very sad for you.

How did you order it as there is no way to do so on the site.

This will be a performance only movie I am sure. No explanations and only memories from the mentioned friends.

Finally, it will most likely be of no value to you close-up guys. This is the material he won FISM with, Stage Manipulation.
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 27, 2004 02:40AM)
Of course, this DVD needs a review for all people that never have seen MR Kaps in action.
Yo can see several close up effect on the DVD...
You can see him do a close up trick in thee preview movie on the web.
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Mar 27, 2004 03:47AM)
click on the red backround picture that says "order fred kaps seeing is believing now" this takes you to a new page
there is a "buy" button on the new page
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 28, 2004 02:29AM)
Online video with Kaps:
[url=http://www.beeldengeluid.nl/template_subnav.jsp?navname=werk_in_uitvoering_mediaarchief&category=werk_in_uitvoering&artid=10866]Click Here![/url]

You can find the links at the right side of page.
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Apr 5, 2004 04:10PM)
This FRED KAPS DVD is great to watch.

His complete third grand prix (liege/luik)1961 show.

Interviews with Pete Biro, J. Thompson, Ger Copper, other tv shows he appeared in. Many other shows.

It is great to watch the best all-round magician ever. I am too young to have seen him live, but with this DVD I am very happy. He is an inspiration for me and by watching him I learn a lot.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 6, 2004 03:44AM)
Who is selling the DVD in the U.S.?
Message: Posted by: roha (Apr 21, 2004 08:43AM)
My review of the Kaps DVD. Apologies for spelling- and grammar mistakes!


Rob Hählen

‘Seeing is Believing!’
‘Fred Kaps: Seeing is Believing!´ DVD (104 min)
Price €39,95 (ex P&H) at http://www.fredkapsdvd.com

‘Do you want to Mystify? Or Entertain? Or both?

This rhetorical question starts the ‘Fred Kaps Lecture Book’. Some lines further it says: ‘Effect comes first; method second’.

As a young boy, standing in the wings of the theatre where my father was the stage manager, I saw Fred Kaps perform. At that time he was two times World champion (Barcelona 1950, Amsterdam 1955, his third Grand Prix in Liege, Belgium, in 1961 was hidden in the future). And mystify and entertain he did, both. I for one saw no method, only tremendous effect. But then I was too young to realize there was something as a method anyway.

The 25th of March the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Dutch Institute for Vision and Sound) and Realeyes Creative Media Productions in cooperation released a DVD about the legendary Fred Kaps. Dick Koornwinder, Kaps connoisseur, took the initiative for this unique document. For this the magic world owes him a big ‘thank you’.

As soon as I got the press release, I ordered the DVD. Because of the impression Kaps made on me as a young boy, and because a DVD about a legend as Fred Kaps deserves widespread attention, I decided to write this review.

After the start-up the DVD shows the five-part main menu: on stage, in the news, on television, the colleagues and photo gallery.

On Stage
This consists of four items. First we see Fred Kaps perform his act the day after he became World champion for the third time in Liege 1961. The cane in newspaper, his card manipulations with bills, the appearing and multiplying candles as a running gag, it’s all there, except, according to the description, the production of the candelabra, probably due to some technical mishap.

Then we see him perform for the Magische Zirkel von Deutschland (Magic Circle of Germany) in 1962. Immaculate manipulations with cards, sometimes it looks like juggling, including the long salt pour. Next two performances from the Dutch ´Snip and Snap´revue with which he toured a couple of seasons in the mid seventies. Amongst others he does card manipulations, Edward Victor’s Eleven Card Trick with bills, the smoking thumb and manipulations with big coins.

In the News
Here are five news-items as they appeared on Dutch television. One item is a report about the FISM 1955 convention in Amsterdam. The introduction of this item says that unfortunately there is no footage of Kaps’ act, which had the long salt pour as the highlight. Instead you see a performance of a dexterous chink-a-chink routine. According to the presenter, Kaps became world champion for the second time in a row, forgetting (?) that after Barcelona 1950 Geoffrey Buckingham in 1951 and Moroso in 1952 won the Grand Prix.

An interesting item is in which he tells about his preparation for FISM 1961. He also shows some dice-stacking. It is nice to see the initiator of this DVD, a young Dick Koornwinder, in a short coverage about FISM 1970.

On television
Five items chosen from shows on Dutch television. First you see Kaps perform a smoking spoon and a ball and cup routine for children. In the next item he performs, challenged, his act, including the long salt pour with the sleeves from his jacket and shirt cut off with scissors. In this item by the way, not everything goes as fluently as you saw in previous clips. There are some very obvious steals, a Himber-wallet that he opens the wrong way around, and a not so good timing of an appearing coin.

Next are some card tricks, woven into a fascinating, continuous routine. Cardicians no doubt will sometimes see some telltale flashes of the used moves, but that does not make the routine less.

In the other two items you see Kaps do some things while talking with Bora, the pickpocket, and perform coins through table in a program for a charity lottery.

The colleagues
During FISM 2003 Dick Koornwinder talked with Ger Copper, Pete Biro, Magic Christian, Johnny Thompson, Mike Caveney and David Berglas about Fred Kaps. He asked them about the influence Fred Kaps had on them, what was his forte according to them and if they have special memories.

When I heard Pete Biro talk I remembered that years ago I downloaded the letters he and Fred Kaps exchanged. Searching my disks I discovered the letters were deleted. But fortunately a Google-search learned the letters are still on the web (www.questx.com/magic!).

The interviews are all fascinating, but a highlight to me is the anecdote Mike Caveney tells about the rare book ‘The ‘Magic’ of Kaps’.

Photo gallery
The DVD concludes with 46 photographs of Kaps during his career.

The DVD shows unique fragments from the life of the legendary Fred Kaps. When you have seen this DVD you want part two to appear in the near future. I miss the floating cork, his version of the Chinese Sticks, blank notes to bills, and more.

Critical notes?
Yes, on some minor points. The overall production is good, but the menu’s are not as sharp as I expect from a DVD. The DVD is aimed at the English speaking market: the Dutch fragments are subtitled in English, other languages are not available. There are also no subtitles in different languages for the English spoken fragments.

There are three extra clips hidden, but they are not to find when you play the DVD with a DVD-player (at least on my DVD-player). Only when I play the DVD on my computer I’m able to see the (funny) clips.

But besides that, it is obvious that I like this DVD very much. Fred Kaps is both mystifying and entertaining. And indeed, it shows that ‘effect comes first’.

I recommend this DVD about a legend of our magical history without reserve.