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Topic: Genii add on advice
Message: Posted by: kkaiser343 (Dec 21, 2016 01:05PM)
I was looking at a Gennii subscription. they offered some add ons with a new subscription.. 4 dvd set of card college..bound copy of Talisman newsletters .. and the lost journals of Hilliard.. what are the opinions out there about my choice..I should say I am 50ish new you magic (used to do it as a kid).
Message: Posted by: ThomasJ (Dec 22, 2016 04:39AM)
Card College might be a good choice if you're looking to get back into learning the fundamentals from one of magic's greatest teachers right now.
I got the Skinner Tapes when I subscribed and Talisman when I renewed. The material in Talisman is a pleasure to read and there are some gems, but it's a bit outdated.
The lost journals is what I would personally choose if given the choice between those 3. Good mix of tricks and magic history.

Also, when you subscribe, you'd be remiss to not include the digital subscription. Every issue since its inception in 1936 is digitally archived and searchable. You also get additional audio/videos embedded to watch effects or hear a columnist elaborate on his article.

Reading the old issues is a joy, and you can discover some really fine effects and thinking from back in the day.
Message: Posted by: kkaiser343 (Dec 23, 2016 04:49PM)
Thank you Very much for your input. I am surprised there was not more responses. I have card college BUT I thought it might be a GREAT gift for someone. If greater magic was a choice I would be all over it. That needs an inexpensive reprint badly.
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Dec 31, 2016 10:16AM)
We are out of Roberto Giobbi Card College DVDs, however we are reprinting the Vernon Touch and will be taking pre-orders for it shortly.

The Vernon Touch should be up on our website today or tomorrow. The price is $25 plus $10 postage in the USA ($30 foreign) if you subscribe, renew, or extend your subscription to Genii. The retail price of the book is $95 plus $10 postage in the USA ($30 foreign). www.geniimagazine.com

It's a 600 page book--the only book written by Vernon.