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Topic: How to repair and strengthen my suit pockets
Message: Posted by: Montana76 (Jan 9, 2017 04:33AM)
Hi all!
My props are killing my suits one by one.. I have four suits and one coat and ALL OF THEM has torn pockets.. I could pay someone to fix it for me but I'd rather learn to do it myself.
Is this a known problem for us magicians?
Any tips on where/how to start is greatly appreciated!
Message: Posted by: Ray Bertrand (Jan 9, 2017 05:17PM)
I have taken my suits and pants with torn pockets to a tailor. The pockets have been thoroughly re-enforced. It cost me $5.00 per pocket and it was worth every penny.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 9, 2017 07:19PM)
Don't know what you are carrying in your pockets, but you can make dividers with small pockets to hold different items and insert them into the pocket.

As far as sewing, there are books on sewing at fabric stores. Also you can take sewing classes at places like JoAnn Fabric store.

Unfortunately to work on pockets you have to get the lining loose on the inside and work between the layers. There are iron on patches, that may be a quick way to repair, but the fabric has to be lint free, or it will not stick.

There is also some sticky strips that can be applied with a piece of fabric on top, sort of like a bandage.

Your pockets sound like they made the pockets out of lining material, usually they are made of a heavier white fabric.

A good seamstress can fix it better then yourself.
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (May 7, 2017 07:02PM)
It sounds like you are carrying too much stuff in your pockets? Tommy Wonder made a big deal explaining that even though he wore a jacket while performing he very rarely used any of the pockets since having lots of things in pockets made the suit bulge and out of shape. To prevent this he had special vest under his jacket that had multiple pockets for all his props and his jacket looked perfect.

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (May 12, 2017 01:33PM)
I just take them to an alterations shop. They have the experience for a quality repair and the price is nice.

Some hard props really take a toll on the pocket. The pocket, that I put my JOL wallet in, shows no wear at all.
Message: Posted by: TheRaven (May 17, 2017 10:13AM)
The suggestion to create some inserts is a good one. Making thise would be a good place to start to learn sewing. I agree with others that deconstructing a jacket to fix the pockets is better left to a tailor given the moderate cost of repair. It is an art more than a science. If you mess up an insert you can toss it in the garbage.
Message: Posted by: Tate (Oct 15, 2017 09:45AM)
Buy some iron-on patches and apply them to the inside of your pockets. When I've done this, I folded them in half, putting the fold along the bottom to protect the seam. You can find the patches at Joann Fabric stores or I've also seen them at grocery and drug stores that have a rack for sewing supplies. You can also do this when you first buy a pair of pants to keep the wear from happening. Having the pockets replaced is probably the best answer, but the patches are cheaper.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Oct 15, 2017 11:12AM)
Would a holster make a difference?
Message: Posted by: Montana76 (Dec 12, 2017 08:42AM)
Thank you all! I decided to simply fold the pockets over and sow a new seam. Worked great!

Thank you all again:)
Message: Posted by: theocreswell (Dec 12, 2017 03:07PM)
Reinvent every trick you know so that they are all propless, you will then have no need for clothes at all and can perform naked. This is my preferred style.
Message: Posted by: paulalpha (Feb 22, 2018 12:24AM)
That would be my preferred method as well, except my customers definitely would not like the view
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (May 28, 2018 11:29PM)
You can also re-enforce the pockets. Take them to a quality tailor they charged me $10 per pocket!
Message: Posted by: abrell (Jun 5, 2018 11:29AM)
Dear Montana 76,

usually heavy props destroy every modern suit. The fabrics are lighter than the heavy woolen suits from the 19th and early 20th century. Even Tuxedos and dinner jackets from the 1960s and 1970s are strong and stiff - even heavy objects will not "print" on the outside. But this helps only with some oldfashioned style ....
I have good results with storing objects in vests/ waistcoats. A lightweight modern suit can move freely and is not torn apart. I regularly use vests delivered by www.dobell.com - some time ago known as www.mytuxedo.com. They also sell small hankies with identical fabric. With this extra fabric you or your tailor can add extra pockets to the vest.
Message: Posted by: Jeremy Soon (Aug 10, 2018 02:39AM)
I send them to a tailor and request them to be re-enforced. I always wear a vest together with my suit. Helps to divide carrying the props between them.
Message: Posted by: Montana76 (Aug 10, 2018 02:56AM)
Thank you all!
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 20, 2019 07:18AM)
Here may be on answer to your question: http://www.chazpro.com/trick-indexer/

When buying suits or dress jackets, always ask for the Classic cut. There are different kinds of styles. Classic, French, etc. Classic cut is the best for magic, as the recent "to small" look is not flattering to most men.