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Topic: "Bubble Bauble" Magic Mart
Message: Posted by: MagicCarisio (Mar 28, 2004 08:20PM)
I also found another interesting item at Magic Mart.
"Bubble Bauble" I checked the demo video...seems great!
Do any of you have this effect? Is it any good?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Ron Crumley (Mar 30, 2004 07:33AM)
Apparently the Magic Mart site has no search mode. That makes finding an effect of an unknown category difficult. In not knowing which category Bubble Bauble would be in (close-up, stage, mental, etc) translates into a lengthy search.

If I'm missing their search tool, please advise as to where it can be found, or at least the category for Bubble Bauble.

Thanks for your help - Ron
Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Mar 30, 2004 07:53AM)
Hi Ron,
It is under Street magic.
Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Mar 30, 2004 08:45AM)
I have a similar trick, (minus some of the later phases) But the effect of catching a bubble out of the air I like quite a bit. Mirko Callaci built an entire act around it and won FISM, which should tell you how strong it is.

One funny thing I've noticed is that often times, the kids get so excited when I bring out the bubbles they just want to play with them and don't care to see me do magic... It is sometimes difficult to stop them from popping them long enough for me to "catch" one.
Message: Posted by: FCpreacher (Mar 30, 2004 12:54PM)
Geoff, how can I see Mirko's act?
Message: Posted by: Geoff Weber (Mar 30, 2004 04:00PM)
Go to the SAM convention in St. Louis this July. Mirko will be performing there. His act is simply breathtaking.
Message: Posted by: niva (Mar 31, 2004 01:15AM)
I saw him on TV5 but missed him live at FISM :(

More than the bubbles, what I liked most is how the act finished.
Message: Posted by: Nick Wait (Mar 23, 2005 10:31AM)
Message: Posted by: armagician (Mar 25, 2005 09:30PM)
I am not impresed with the effect for the price