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Topic: Elite Ultra Tube - Reviews Please
Message: Posted by: edshern (Jan 24, 2017 09:19AM)
Hi guys,
I never bought the elite Ultra tube on the first run, as I had an original.
Did I miss something important or worth having?
How has it held up if you're using it?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Jan 24, 2017 11:40AM)
Hi Ed:

I own the Elite and original version. In fact I loaned my original to the Elite Team to evaluate and take measurements, etc. It has held up very well and very nicely made. In terms of worth having... only you can really answer that..:)

Happy to answer any other questions you might have.


Message: Posted by: edshern (Jan 24, 2017 01:08PM)
How about the handling of the gimmick. I always found my Tenyo gimmick to be a bit finicky.
Does the wood gimmick get hung up or 'sloppy' in performance?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Jan 24, 2017 06:42PM)
Overall it works very well Ed, the odd time it will hang up but the tolerances are very good. You can expect similar performace to the original but it looks much better.
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jan 25, 2017 12:18PM)
Ed, send me an email at moobooks@verizon.net if you want one at a low price. I ended up with two.
Message: Posted by: anton.magician (Jan 26, 2017 05:13AM)
Unfortunately the shipping price is killing me!( 50 usd for 285 $ is high! In compare with MW tricks that include the shipping for the wooden tricks that cost more then 200 usd.
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Jan 27, 2017 04:16PM)
Thanks for the review John!

Anton, we could ship it airmail overseas for about $20 or Surface for $10 but they will take a long time for delivery and do not come with tracking or insurance. So if it gets lost we lose the item. That's just not a chance we are willing to take on a high priced irreplaceable piece(only 100 will be made) $50 we charge for international shipping Comes with tracking and insurance. This is the cheapest rate for that level of service. I don't know how MW runs their business, or what their postal rates are like in their country, but our retail price reflects the production and manufacturing costs only. We did not factor in shipping costs into our retail prices.
Sorry you feel it is too high of a shipping price to pay.

Best wishes,