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Topic: Impossible Bottles-Tutorial on DVD or Download
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jan 26, 2017 02:54PM)
Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad english. After 22 Years of Magic and 5 years of Puzzling I wanted to quit with all these stuff.
At the end of my Magic life I am giving away my secrets for the Impossible Bottles(on how to make them). If you are interested on this, please contact me via PM .

Here are some of the Bottles you could learn. Prices and more info via PM. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Mar 6, 2017 01:31PM)
Hi at all. I get many many many Messages. Itīs to much to answer all this Mails. So only the Downloads of the Impossible Bottle in Cellophane is avaible. Cost is 120 Euro. (and only via Paypal). Thank you!
Message: Posted by: heldergdias (Apr 8, 2017 08:25PM)
And the rest?
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Oct 30, 2017 04:02AM)
Only 100 Euro ( 116 Dollar) for the Sealed Deck in Bottle Tutorial if someone interested. Paypal only.
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Oct 30, 2017 10:51AM)
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Oct 30, 2017 10:54PM)
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Oct 31, 2017 01:49AM)