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Topic: Auto Cycle no 1 by USPCC
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Feb 4, 2017 08:36AM)
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Sv1nVDBHY

Bicycle Autocycle No1 -- a Target exclusive.
They come in this purple, and a green version.

Introduced in 1901 and discontinued in 1906. This deck depicts a motorized tricycle (see a detail of the fantastic machine, below). Note that a bicycle chain acts as the inner border in the design. Listed by Mrs. Robinson as having been produced in green and brown, but nobody has ever seen even a single card in either of those colors. Decks in red or blue are also extremely scarce.

In another contender for most expensive single Bicycle card, on May 21, 2016 a red Autocycle No. 1 single sold for $179 on eBay, with three bids over $150. Relatively calmer heads prevailed as another red single sold for $63 (USD) on July 2, 2016.