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Topic: Any way for an Australian to participate?
Message: Posted by: dervish (Feb 6, 2017 07:25AM)
Oh my..... it would be a dream come true to attend a convention of mentalists. I would be like a kid in a candy store.

Is there any way an Australian (like me) could particpate via distance? Are there any recordings of MINDvention that I can watch online?

I am so desperate to meet other mentalists, and find one who is willing to train / coach / mentor me for $50USD/hour via skype (paid in advance via paypal). If you are interested, please PM me!
Message: Posted by: David Thiel (Feb 6, 2017 10:10AM)
Try www.mindgemsbraintrust.com
Message: Posted by: dervish (Feb 6, 2017 04:48PM)
Wow thanks so much for that link! It looks really interesting and very relevant to what I'm looking for. Appreciated!!!

Message: Posted by: nbuzza (Apr 21, 2017 11:11PM)
Have you joined your local IBM group? I live in Perth, But get to travel often and attend IBM meetings around the place and get to meet lots of mentalists.
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Apr 26, 2017 04:43PM)
Sorry my man... we don't record the events, but I hope one day you will join us.
Message: Posted by: 252life (Feb 12, 2018 01:46PM)
[quote]On Feb 6, 2017, David Thiel wrote:
Try www.mindgemsbraintrust.com [/quote]

What an interesting looking site, thanks.
Message: Posted by: OToole (Jan 26, 2019 09:05PM)
Thank you David Thiel. Just what I am looking for too!
Message: Posted by: OToole (Jan 28, 2019 01:09AM)
Thanks for all the help in getting me set up in the Mind Gems Brains Trust David. I have some good reading ahead of me I think.