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Topic: Pseudo - Christopher Rawlins
Message: Posted by: robd (Feb 6, 2017 02:33PM)
Disclosure - I know Christopher and read this a while ago. I did though see him fry a tonne of magicians at The Session with this, not in a lecture, just at a table casually. It's super-clean, super-easy and is well worth your attention. Here's the spiel:


Conversation turns to the performer’s mental ability to memorise playing cards. He explains that learning to memorise cards was a process that was undertaken in stages.

“Memorising a deck of cards seemed overwhelming at first, but I realised that like with anything, I would tackle the challenge best if I broke it down into stages.”

A deck is removed and ribbon spread upon the table, face up. A Spectator is invited to shuffle the deck then they table it. They are asked to cut off a packet of cards for the first demonstration.

“I’ll show you how this strange journey began…”

The performer takes the face down packet and deals them into a face up pile, without saying a word he gathers the packet and holds them face down. He deals two piles onto the table at an impressive rate.

“The most simple element of a playing card is its colour. Red or black. That’s where I started, so even though you shuffled my goal was to separate the red cards from the black cards, from memory.”

The performer picks up the right packet to reveal one by one, all red cards. Then the left to reveal all black cards.

“This is only the start but at this point I must ask you one question…would you like to shuffle again?”

The spectator cuts off a larger packet, shuffles if they wish and removes a card to hide it out of sight.

“Now, a more difficult challenge and one that took me much longer to achieve.”

He spreads the deck face up for a couple of seconds and then turns the packet face down. He then deals four face down packets, at a rapid pace.

“What I was trying to do this time was more complex, I was trying to memorise the exact sequence of suits and then deal them into four separate groups. So over here in the left pile is where I placed all the clubs, I remember this because If I was a violent person I would use my right hand to club you around the head…don’t worry, I’m not.”

He turns over these cards to reveal all clubs.

“Here on my left is where I was trying to place all the diamonds, because on your left hand is where you would wear a diamond ring.”

He turns these cards to reveal all diamonds.

“Here furthest away and facing you, is where I should have placed all the hearts from memory.”

These are revealed to be all hearts.

“Finally, as if facing the ground I place all the spades here.”

These are shown to be all spades.

“Now, you removed one card, and at this point I have seen almost all of the deck, so if I were to look at what’s left, by using my memory and through elimination, I should be able to tell you what you are hiding.”

The performer now dribbles the remainder of the deck face up and as the last card hits the table he announces the hidden card.

Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Feb 6, 2017 06:58PM)
Hey all,

Had to pick this up since Chris is a brilliant man!

This is a quintessentially easy effective way to demonstrate a beautiful example of pseudo memory with a pack of cards.

Best thing about all this is that it is so simple that you can purely focus on presentation!

This is powerful enough to either open or close with, but it's so strong... You really have to pick one or the other, which is a great problem to have.

Check it out and don't disappoint yourself by letting this opportunity slip you by!

Message: Posted by: Chris Jones (Feb 6, 2017 07:12PM)
Hmmm ok I'm intrigued! I ❤ memory routines so I think I'll have to pick this up.
Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (Feb 8, 2017 04:22AM)

The response to PSEUDO has been superb, thank you too those that have purchased the manuscript, from the response I've received personally people are enjoying PSEUDO and putting it to god use.

Someone I respect and always listen to, Marc Salem just got in touch after picking up his copy of PSEUDO and had these kind words to say...

"Merging ideas old and new PSEUDO, is a revelation. Not so much in methodology ( though that is there too) but in the marriage of routine and method.

Each phase has a reason that makes sense. Should you have a favorite you may want to keep it, but keep part one closer. I have used it in various ways over the decades. You will fall in love with it. Parts 2 & 3 are the icing that satisfies. You will use this. It will not sit hidden in your drawer." - Marc Salem, NYC, 2017.

To pick up your copy of PSEUDO click here - http://c-r-products.yolasite.com/PSEUDO.php

Thanks again and as always, I'll be in touch.

Message: Posted by: Marc O (Feb 8, 2017 07:14AM)
This is a really nice memory routine!

Besides that Christopher had a quick response to my questions and after my purchase he send me the pdf within the hour.
Have enjoyed his lecture in my hometown, his Roulette CD-Rom and now his Pseudo routine.
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 9, 2017 12:14AM)
What is the difficulty in terms of memory?
Message: Posted by: Marc O (Feb 9, 2017 03:51AM)

Jacob has said it all,

[quote]On Feb 7, 2017, magician 336 wrote:
Hey all,
This is a quintessentially easy effective way to demonstrate a beautiful example of pseudo memory with a pack of cards.
Best thing about all this is that it is so simple that you can purely focus on presentation!

-Jacob [/quote]
Message: Posted by: robd (Feb 9, 2017 05:10AM)
[quote]On Feb 9, 2017, John C wrote:
What is the difficulty in terms of memory? [/quote]

Pretty much zero. The first phase is improved with some minor memory work, but can also be done with none.

The final phases require zero memory work at all.

The thing I like about this is the absolute consistency in premise, throughout all phases. You are apparently memorising a deck, and explaining how you do it, as you do it.

The way I use this is to suggest it was how I originally thought magicians worked out which card you picked, before I learned about sleight of hand. I have them pick a card at the start of the effect and hide it sight unseen, and then demonstrate how I built my memory up remember blocks of cards, colours, then suits ,and finally revealing their chosen card as 'the one I haven't yet seen'.

Bearing in mind you can do this from a spectator-shuffled deck, with zero stack or memory work, and deal through all the cards very quickly (exactly as if you were doing what you say you're doing) - it's a super-strong effect.
Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (Feb 9, 2017 11:27AM)
Thanks for the kind words everybody.

The response to PSEUDO has been really positive, and I'm glad I shared this.

John C - as Rob mentions you can apply some (very little) real memory for phase one, or do without.

I'm 100% confident that this is within everybody's reach.

Without fail, with this knowledge you will have a workhorse PSEUDO memory routine.

Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 9, 2017 10:40PM)
I'm in.
Message: Posted by: davidmag (Feb 10, 2017 03:41PM)
Is this published in the Event Notes?
Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (Feb 10, 2017 04:40PM)
Hi David,

PSEUDO was shared (very briefly) in The Event Notes (a small limited run or physical booklets, especially printed and sold for The Event, 2017.

However in the PSEUDO manuscript you receive extra detail, my full script and many other details I left out.

Feel free to Pm me with any other questions.

Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 10, 2017 09:35PM)
Beautiful. Love it!
Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (Feb 12, 2017 04:55AM)

I'm so glad you are enjoying PSEUDO, you are in good company ;)

Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Feb 13, 2017 12:15AM)
Hey guys,

All positive reviews.

Had to purchase it.

More later............

Message: Posted by: Johnsypoppins (Feb 14, 2017 08:24PM)
[quote]On Feb 13, 2017, BMWGuy wrote:
Hey guys,

All positive reviews.

Had to purchase it.

More later............

Alex [/quote]

Be interested to hear what you think once you have digested it, so far it's getting all around great comments.
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Feb 17, 2017 11:16AM)
Hey guys,

So here is my review for Christopher Rawlins, Pseudo.

Upon hearing about this release, I pondering whether to purchase or not, but knowing Chris's track record, I went ahead and purchased.

I received the pdf within about 2 hours or so.

Read it through, then the next day re-read it again, and practiced.

I had a question, so I contacted Chris, who immediately answered everything I needed to know.

I can now say after having spent some time with Pseudo, that this is something, like Marc Salem said, you will perform.

This is something that you can pull out anytime, and perform, and is a worker.

This routine allows for you to mix and match however you want to perform it, in phases, or just like Chris, so that is something that you get to mess around with during the routine.

Also, this routine is fool proof, after having performed it a bunch of times, gets great reactions, and people are gobsmacked.

Great routine overall, and waiting on Chris's next release.

Thanks Chris.

Alex Alejandro
Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (Feb 20, 2017 06:02AM)
Thanks for taking the time to review and really try PSEUDO Alex.

The response continues to be fantastic, and I'm happy to say that PSEUDO will be available from library.com very soon.

Have a great week guys.

Message: Posted by: Christopher_Rawlins (May 22, 2017 03:55AM)
Hey Everyone,

This is no longer being sold as a PDF, as I have plans to release this as a video project in the near future.

Best wishes,