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Topic: Montreal to Open YOUTH PROGRAMS!
Message: Posted by: Renoire (Feb 7, 2017 04:19PM)

In 2017, Montreal's IBM RING 62 has formed YMC® Youth Magic Classes to provide training and guidance in the theatrical art of magic to budding young magicians and assistants. Youth Magic Classes generally meet on the Second and Fourth Saturday of each month at 5:00 PM (Beginners) or 6:00 PM (Intermediate) Please check our Ring Calendar to confirm the next scheduled session.

​​​How is the Typical Workshop Run?

Beginner students with less than one year in magic meet at 5:00 PM. Intermediate students with more than one year of experience in magic meet at 6:00 PM. Both groups study magic history, ethics, stagecraft, and performance theory with hands-on instruction of one or two effects based on the lesson's principle or theory. At least one magic principle or presentation theory is discussed at each workshop followed by one or two practical examples. Students are provided with all materials, study notes and hands-on instruction on the mechanics of each effect. Instructors are always available by email through the month for questions and assistance. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend and participate. Students need someone with whom to practice and evaluate new skills. A knowledgeable and supportive parent really helps.

Beginner classes generally last one hour. Intermediate classes generally last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Is this a Secret Society?

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is not a secret society. We believe that the performance art of magic must be shared to be truly appreciated. However, we do protect the secrets of our craft. We believe that revealing a magic secret reduces a beautiful and hard-worked magic effect into a baseless puzzle with no real charm. The true joy of magic is found in its secrets.

Our program has five basic goals:

• To educate young magicians on the ethics, history and skill of the international magic community;
• To provide a safe and professional mentoring association between skilled adult and gifted youth members;
• To promote positive self-esteem and confidence among serious young magicians;
• To sculpt our magical youth into adults who will honour the fraternal traditions of the I.B.M.; and
• To project community awareness of magic as a valued theatrical art and community service.

Attendance is open to any youth between the ages of 7 through 17 years with a serious interest in the performance art of Magic. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend each session. Guests are welcome to "test drive" up to three (3) workshops at a charge of $10.00 per lesson before joining. After this, attendees are required to join the club. Lesson fees are $10.00 per lesson for members. Lesson fees include all lesson materials, books, instruction, and - after joining us and after attending twelve (12) lessons - Youth Membership in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Youth members and their families are welcome to attend all club lectures and special events at a specially discounted Youth Rate.

Accompanying parents that are not adult Ring members may attend free of charge as escorts. Nonmember guests and their families may attend most functions at the full Guest rate. Magic Youth is sponsored through Montreal's Ring #62 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
Message: Posted by: supertoad12 (Feb 19, 2017 07:11AM)
What a great initiative. Wish I was closer...My daughter is turning 13 this week and has been doing magic for about 2 years now. I am in the military and we are posted to Petawawa this summer. I haven't seen any IBM rings or anything mentorship programs for kids around the area. I believe the closest one is in Ottawa. I will surely look you guys up if I am ever posted back around Montreal again.

Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: Renoire (Feb 19, 2017 01:28PM)
Hey Super Toad?

Thanks for your comment, BUT all credit has to go to M. SKIP WAY and the incredible effort he has put into youth magic. Skip hails from the USA and his expertly written column "Polishing the Rings" can be found in every issue of your Linking Ring Magazine. I nicked the entire post text from their Raleigh webpage and edited it accordingly.

A 13 year old daughter is a beautiful thing. The perfect age for WONDER with a fresh mind to chomp through material like there's no tomorrow! Might I suggest you take advantage of the internet's - "it doesn't matter where you live" reality and send her to Ring 2100 which redirects to a facebook group that Skip leads.

Of course right here at the Café, you can find a ton of material to let her "fly higher" - AND there's those old-fashioned dusty things made out of dead trees... what cha ma callit... BOOKS. YES, BOOKS.

GIRLS READ a lot more than boys and every birthday, school report, Christmas or other religious celebration carries the possibility of yet another "gift of magic" - the STANDARDS. BoBo's Coin Book, etc.

Thanks for keepin' us safe from Donald Trump :-) No, wait - that's BORDER PATROL!

PS: My daughter has a birthday this week too - tell your girl Happy Birthday. We need MORE women Magicians !
Message: Posted by: supertoad12 (Feb 22, 2017 08:53AM)
Good day James?...The name is Stephane here!

Thank you for the information. I will make sure that we check ring 2100! Even though the internet has been hard for the old brick and mortar shop and to some extent the quality of magic being displayed, it has surely made wonders in terms of connections and communications. Aby has been reading books and she is still going through all the Tarbells. She actually performs Kolar's Balloon & Silks from Volume 5 for her stage show.

We attended an all women lecture at the Denny and Lee magic studio last Saturday with Lynetta Welch and Kayla Dresher. It was very interesting to see Aby watching other women performing. We are also huge fans of Suzanne and have been to her lecture 2 years ago. I will try to keep Donald occupy here! Happy birthday to your daughter also! Does she perform?
Message: Posted by: Renoire (May 26, 2017 12:03PM)
Hi Stephane:

Guess we should move to PM for this, but just wanted to say that TARBELL REMAINS the absolute best starting point for young Magician(ennes) even after all this time! (90 years in 2018) Good choice DAD.

Message: Posted by: cloneboy (Aug 3, 2017 04:45PM)
I just found this thread and was wondering if this is happening currently? If so how often is it occurring and how many youths do you get? I have a 16-year old that I think would benefit greatly from this.

Message: Posted by: Renoire (Aug 3, 2017 04:59PM)
Thanks Cloneboy

Summer session starts Friday please have yourself and your 16 year old download the classroom software and email us to get hooked up