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Topic: Conscious Magic Episode Two - Ran Pin & Andrew Gerard (a Magic Portal Review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Feb 18, 2017 02:51PM)
Conscious Magic Episode 2 Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink

The Hype:
For more than two decades, Ran and Andrew have created and performed magic on TV. In Conscious Magic, Episode 2, they sit down for the first time, and openly discuss and reveal their approach to performing magic and mentalism in everyday environments.

In this series, Ran and Andrew reveal their go-to routines that they perform in real-life casual situations such as bars, house parties, and on the street. Not only do they teach new effects, but they break them down, discussing their creative process and give insight that will help make the magic you create even better.

"Our mission with Conscious Magic is to elevate the art of magic by empowering the performer to have a deeper insight into the process of creating, performing and even thinking about magic on a new level."

In this Episode

The idea of lottery routines and picking winning numbers has been played with by many people, using an array of methods from electronic devices, special pads, and gimmicks. Ran Pink has developed a powerful routine utilizing no gimmicks, just real lottery tickets and stubs. Walk up to a store, buy a lottery ticket and stubs, and you're ready to go!

In this effect, the spectator pushes their card flush into the deck with their own finger. Their signed card goes from the middle of the pack to the top while in their hands, but this is not your usual ambitious card routine. Andrew guides the spectator through a journey of self-discovery and inspires them to find the best version of themselves.

The spectator thinks of any song, writes it down on a card, and holds it in their hand. Ran then asks them to touch his temples so they can feel a thought leave his mind and travel into theirs -- they then guess one note of the major scale. Now the spectator thinks of their song the same way but, this time, is able to transmit the melody of their thought-of song they were thinking of to Ran. The song can be revealed by singing it or by playing it back on a mobile music service.

50/50 effects only matter when something of value is put on the line. In Fifty 50 Andrew puts $100 on the line and wagers whether the spectator will pick up the bill with their left or right hand. He always gets it right! This is an anytime, anywhere routine. Grab some paper, pencil, and something to wager, and you're ready to go.

My Take:
As I age, I am finding that mentalism effects appeal to me more and more so I was quite anxious to see the latest outing by Andrew and Ran. I was not disappointed. Unlike a lot of other projects, the only extra items you will need are available at your local convenience store with one item being absolutely free.

These two guys have assembled a quartet of powerful routines that are not only easy to do but a lot of fun besides. Let's take a look at them.

Get Lucky - I don't know how many times I have waited in line at the store while the person ahead of me was dishing out a pile of money for lottery tickets. This is something everyone is familiar with even if they don't play. The numbers are read each and every night on television. Haven't you been asked if you could predict lottery numbers if you are such a great magician? When I watched the demo I was sure I knew the method (dried out Sharpie, right?) Turns out I was way off base. This is one you will definitely add to your arsenal.

Becoming - One of the problems a lot of magicians have doing an ambitious card routine is how many phases to do? Some routines barely whet the appetite while others go on ad infinitum. What would you say to a routine where the chosen card only rises to the top once while having a huge impact on your spectator? This is a routine that will leave your volunteer very emotional. While you are taught the move required, I am sure you can substitute your own with the story. With the right volunteer, this is one that will be talked about for a long time.

Radio - Let's face it. Pretty much everyone loves music. We all have our favorite song. And a routine where you can not only name the spectator's favorite song but hum or sing it? Killer. This routine also offers a very nice tutorial on billet switching. I will be spending some time on this one.

Fifty 50 - Probably the routine you can put together the quickest of any on the DVD. A trick plot that has been very popular lately has been to name which hand something is in. Most of these solutions are based on the work of Lewis Carroll and depend on your volunteer being able to follow directions without get confused. The boys here use a totally different method that is easy and foolproof. This is one you can do "right out of the box".

Conclusion: If you are looking to add some powerful mental routines to your act and don't have years to practice and learn complicated methods, buy this. Highly recommended. My only complaint is a couple of typos on the back cover. You will add some of these to your performance.
Message: Posted by: Johnsypoppins (Feb 20, 2017 04:32PM)
Agree this is really good, well worth picking up.