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Topic: Invisibill - Josh Janousky (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Feb 21, 2017 04:35PM)
Invisibill Josh Janousky

The Hype:
Finally, you can take the classic Omni plot to the streets! InvisiBill takes your money magic leaps beyond the norm by adding a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a borrowed bill - becomes CLEAR.

On InvisiBill, you will learn how to cause a borrowed bill to turn completely clear. It's the definition of packs flat and plays huge. You'll see why this is one of Josh's go-to effects, week after week, in his professional walk-around work.

In addition, you'll learn Josh's killer effect, Credit 2 Cash: a visual transformation of a credit card into a stack of bills. Combined, they make a full set in your wallet.

It's easy to learn, to perform, angle-proof and works with any kind of currency. That's right. ANY KIND OF CURRENCY. It doesn't matter if it's paper or plastic.

Several gimmicks of various currencies, ready to perform
You will also receive the electronic files to create more gimmicks for US, Australia, and Canadian dollars, along with Pounds, Euros, and Yen.
Online video instructions, explaining handlings and tricks in detail.

My Take:
Josh has come up with a plot for a bill trick that I have not seen before and I applaud him for that. You receive a number of different bill gimmicks for different countries. And he teaches your four effects. Three with the gimmicks and one using an entirely different gaff.

In watching the video, I had a major problem with the sound of his gimmick. Since it is plastic and is folded several times, the crinkling sound was very distracting in the explanation. I can only assume that it is also in performance. Josh mentions the sound in his video and says that the effect should not be done where there is no ambient sound.

Invisibill - This is Josh's signature effect. Two bills are placed into the spectator's hand. One is removed and held in the magician's hand where it disappears. When the other bill is removed from the spectator's hand, it has turned into a clear plastic bill.

Visibill - I actually think this is a better effect than the title trick. A clear plastic bill is shown and it changes to a real bill which can be passed out.

Remove Color - A regular bill is shown and it changes to a plastic bill with a folded blank bill inside. My least favorite effect on the video.

Credit to Cash - And this is my favorite on the disk. A credit card is removed form the magician's wallet and immediately changes into four bills. This uses an entirely different gimmick which Josh walks you through building. It seemed to be to be fairly angle sensitive but all in all, not a bad effort.

Conclusion: As I said, Josh seems to have come up with a new bill effect plot. The video is well put together and the instruction is first rate. Josh says he has done this performance hundreds of times to huge reaction. I, unfortunately, have to remain neutral on this and will probably not be using it.
Message: Posted by: JustJoshinMagic (Feb 24, 2017 08:04AM)
Thanks for the honest review! I appreciate your thoughts =] Sorry about the sound on the video, that was my bad. I kept the bill pretty close to the mic. As for sound in performance, like I said it's only really an issue when its super quiet. Like a library. Anywhere else this flies right by. I perform at a restaurant, so you never hear a thing over the sound of people talking and eating. Thanks for the review!
Message: Posted by: canaday (Feb 24, 2017 11:10AM)
On the other hand, I gave a great review to Whiplash. Good thinking. Keep em coming.
Message: Posted by: philipsw (Mar 30, 2017 03:52PM)
Jim - I didn't see your review until after I had written mine - but it seems like we had similar preferences with this one! I didn't find the noise an issue, personally, but definitely thought Visibill was the best of the three main items on this release. I'm just in the process of looking at Whiplash - so watch this space! But if you want to see my full review you can read it here: http://www.bicycle-cards.co.uk/2017/03/26/joshua-janousky-invisibill-review/