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Topic: The Emotional & Social Experiences of Magic - PhD thesis
Message: Posted by: link8822 (Mar 6, 2017 04:10PM)
Hello everyone!

My name is Steve and hope this is the best place to post this. I have studying the science of magic, particularly the social aspects, for the past years during my MSc. degree in psychology. While I love performing, I am most passionate about doing rigorous empirical research on the science of magic. Five years ago, I discovered that this pipedream was actually possible through psychology research career and after some serious reflecting on my life, I chose to pursue this career change and I can honestly say I've never been this passionate about something in my life. During my masters, I investigated magician's behaviors, attitudes and beliefs toward talking to strangers in one experiment, investigated the effect of different presentations on people's happiness levels in another, and carried out a thesis on learning magic effects people, particularly via social means.

I am currently working on an academic paper exploring the various ways magic can be used as a tool to enhance wellbeing, which will be presented at the 2017 Science of Magic conference this August (see www.scienceofmagicassoc.org/). Furthermore, I got accepted to a self-funded PhD at my dream school of Goldsmiths, University of London. This is where my mentor is, whom I'm writing the paper with.

But alas, I'm struggling to find a way to fund my studies despite the numerous grants, scholarships, and organizations I've reached out to. (yes, including the magic therapy organizations). As a last resort, I have started an online crowdfunding campaign, which highlights my PhD project, all the background info and includes rewards for certain donation amounts.

I know in my heart that Magicians & Entertainers are much needed in this world. We have the privelage and responsibility to leave society in a better state than when the show started; to engage our audiences; to enhance positive emotions; to imbue a meaningful purpose in both the good & the bad parts of life; to build positive relationships not only [I]with[/I] spectators but also [I]among[/I] spectators as they share the good times with others. This rigorous research is the start of establishing the scientific evidence that will help the world recognize our true value as magicians and as entertainers that society needs (even more so in these uncertain times). Please help if you believe in magic, science of the value of cultivating social relationships:


And perhaps in doing so, we can show that with magicians anything is truly possible
Message: Posted by: profraj123 (Mar 10, 2017 06:35AM)
Hi Lnk88222, I have been using the art of magic as a tool to effectively convey messages on various socially relevant themes such as peace, savings, aids awareness, to rid blind faith, etc, besides this, I am also using the art of magic for the benefit of society in many other ways. I would be glad to share ideas on this if it interests you.
Message: Posted by: critter (Nov 22, 2018 05:02PM)