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Topic: Every trick in the book by Jonathan Royle. Review request
Message: Posted by: mmmario (Mar 22, 2017 01:03AM)
Greetings one and all
I hope this is in the right forum.

I am looking at buying the not-so-cheap download, "Every trick in the book" by Jonathan Royle. Anyone have a review?
Thanks muchly in advance.
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Mar 23, 2017 05:03AM)
Jonathan Royle has a very poor reputation. I have bought a few of his publications and they are extremely poorly put together rubbish. His forte is definitely writing add copy. I personally would not invest that much money for anything from him. I've learnt the hard way, so just letting you know.
Message: Posted by: mindmagic (Mar 23, 2017 07:14AM)
He's also been banned from just about every forum.

Message: Posted by: takeachance (Mar 23, 2017 04:33PM)
He usually just puts together a mash of articles and web addresses for you to follow up on. You will get lots of rubbish pdf's as if you are getting value. If you have ever read those scam adds that go on and on with "but you'll also receive" that's Jonathon Royle. Absolute marketing junkman. It's a shame because I feel if he wanted to he could actually put something together that was worthwhile. But unfortunately, he hasn't. The flimflam man of mail order magic. Can only recommend, from personal experience, to stay well clear and put your hard earned money into a reputable creator. I'm very surprised that magic stores are actually letting his products be put on their sites.
Message: Posted by: mmmario (Mar 23, 2017 08:48PM)
Thanks muchly, my fellow magi
Much appreciated.

What a wonderful Café this is.
Message: Posted by: Cris Johnson (Mar 25, 2017 10:25AM)
I second the opinions of Royle. I tried his hypnosis course years ago and found it to be a confusing mess. Now I am an accomplished hypnotist through the NGH. Avoid Royle at all costs. His complete mentalism show onstage was a total embarassment.
Message: Posted by: Matti Kaki (Sep 25, 2017 04:13PM)
Thanks a lot! You just saved a bunch of my money. When searching by his name, the first result was THIS: "Do not hand over your hard earned cash to this con artist - His Ph.D. and doctorate are FAKE, as are the organisations he claims really exist - they don't!" https://drjonathanroyle-awarning.com/ :angry:

Somebody should write some kind of warning to Penguin as they're selling this scam too http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/S22322
Message: Posted by: bobser (Sep 18, 2019 02:29PM)
He is a total and complete twat (sorry Magiccafe). We need to ALL recognise he is both insane and fairly evil.
Yet possess’s skills to hypnotised the somnambulist who is unguarded. So look out for this one. Please!
Message: Posted by: mindmagic (Sep 19, 2019 04:00AM)
He also has hypnotherapy books on Amazon under the pseudonym "Rogue Hypnotist".