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Topic: Leprechaun Balloon
Message: Posted by: magic.42 (Apr 12, 2017 10:10AM)
At a St. Patrick's festival this year, I saw a balloonist making a leprechaun figure out of balloons, accented with a Sharpe Marker. Do any of the members know where I can find the how to do this figure (web site, video, book, etc...)?
Thanks, magic.42
Message: Posted by: Marvelous_Mysto (Apr 12, 2017 06:05PM)
Hi Magic.42,
It may have been Dylan Gelanis's leprechaun that you saw.
http://www.slightlytwistedballoons.com/ to see what tutorials he has available.
Message: Posted by: magic.42 (Apr 13, 2017 01:11AM)
Wow! He does some great figures. The one I saw was constructed using 2 balloons and was less complicated. Thanks for the link!