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Topic: Tarbell Course in Magic Forum
Message: Posted by: bwinn (Apr 27, 2017 10:28AM)
Dear "The Magic Café" team,
Can you please consider creating a new forum dedicated solely to The Tarbell Course in Magic? As one of the most descriptive and well-known references, I am positive that "The Magic Café" could benefit from having a forum based on the book series. Many magicians base their entire career on Dr. Harlan Tarbell's studies and use his collection of findings and routines to create their own. Again, I would be very happy if the team at "The Magic Café" at least considered my idea.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Apr 27, 2017 05:44PM)
Not sure exactly what such a forum would be used for. Reviews of the book or discussion about individual effects? Such a discussion could lead to exposure. However, there is a sticky topic in the books forum that might be what you are looking for.
Message: Posted by: bwinn (Apr 27, 2017 09:09PM)
Ok, I'll check it out!
Thanks, Dave!