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Topic: Bill sign verification
Message: Posted by: qwerty71 (May 11, 2017 12:09PM)
Can anyone point which techniques or classics Penn is pointing to in this Bill sign verification-
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (May 11, 2017 03:57PM)
I am no expert on this, but as I see it, you need a backstage helper to prepare the revealed bill. This would be along the lines of Al Koran's Medallion effect. The spectator is somewhat in on reading the number. Something no one likes to do, because it is not actually engraved on the medallion, or in this case printed on the bill. Being the guy ate the pudding and ashes and had no problem with the surgery, do to his, that is from his reactions, I would say he was interviewed before the show as well. Notice that he only showed the name and number to the spectator to verify, and no close-up camera shots of the bill at any time.

There is also a magician that sells a machine to actually print serial numbers on a bill, it is very very expensive. I cannot remember his name or website, or I would reference it.

Cannot say anymore in an open forum, as The Café rules state we cannot expose methods in an open forum to the rest of the Internet. So as to say, there are multiple ways to accomplish this, as you seen it on the show and video.
Message: Posted by: qwerty71 (May 11, 2017 11:24PM)
Thanks, although I am not sure if backstage members can help in this show. But what I have heard is that preshow is not involved in this show.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (May 13, 2017 08:40AM)
Well, then that spectator was super confident, because most people would freak out, when a guy pushes his hand into your body. Not to mention, I would demand new clothing. I don't think many people expect to go to a magic show/contest and be told to eat ashes, without any explanation of the safety of doing such a thing. Sorry, but the guy was just to cooperative, and meek.

When 2 guy roll out a table with everything set up, well, that is were everything is coming from.

This is a question I posed concerning the Bill in Lemon, some time back. If you vanish a bill, and it is found in a fruit wrapped in plastic wrap, would that be noticed or questioned by the audience. The guy did not eat a plastic bag, did he, I did not notice that he did, so the bill is pulled from him in a tiny plastic bag.

There was a reason the bill was not shown close up at the end, otherwise the would have, I am sure.

Actually, the trick was actually, the Great Randy's Operation effect, I am surprised the audience did not react more to that part of the routine. It is not very common to see in a magic show these days.
Message: Posted by: John Long (May 17, 2017 09:47PM)
Brian's presentation was great. It was very entertaining, and it "fooled" people; I was fooled when I fist saw it (the method slipped by because I got enthralled in the presentation (that's the real "secret" to magic).

I'm not sure that I completely understood Penn's question to Brian, until I realize that Penn disguises the method that he is thinking of in the question. Brian's response was quick witted and funny.

I think Brian's asking for a spectator "that is willing to do absolutely anything" eliminates the volunteer from being a "stooge". At least, a stooge was not needed.

I don't know if there is a place that the special "techniques" that Penn referred to, can be found, but I agree with Bill here, "There was a reason the bill was not shown close up at the end,"

The technique, that Bill refers to, of changing/writing a serial number on a bill, may be Max Krause / Www.maxsmagicshop.com see the thread