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Topic: Alternating Currency
Message: Posted by: Scott Cram (Apr 5, 2004 10:00AM)
The distant kingdom of Azalia has recently issued three new coins. Each coin has a different value (17, 36 or 55 pengos), a different color (olive green, maroon or turquoise) and a different shape (circle, square or triangule).

If you randomly select a coin, it will be either olive green, a circle, or the 17-pengo piece. If you randomly select another coin, it will be either turquoise, a triangle, or the 36-pengo. The triangular coin is worth more than the square coin.

What color and what shape are the different values of coins?
Message: Posted by: pxs (Apr 5, 2004 10:13AM)
17 - square - turquoise
36 - circle - maroon
55 - triangle - olive green
Message: Posted by: Bong780 (Apr 5, 2004 10:20AM)
The 3 coin combination:
(17-pengo, turquoise, square)
(36-pengo, maroon, circle)
(55-pengo, olive green, triangle)
Message: Posted by: pxs (Apr 5, 2004 11:07AM)