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Topic: Amac's Educated Pencil
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (May 19, 2017 05:43AM)
Does anyone know the history of the little classic, Amac's Educated Pencil?

Message: Posted by: MikeLiu (Jun 1, 2017 01:40AM)
I am interest in this too
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jun 1, 2017 11:25PM)
I had one when I was a kid. I think I paid about $5. (1960s). Great trick. The closest info I found was on Thayer website, stating that it was created around 1938. I assume this is the same AMAC of "Find The Lady" fame, as described in Greater Magic.
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Jan 30, 2018 10:43AM)
I'm a bit late coming back to this! Sorry! Thanks for the responses.

I have had The Educated Pencil for years and use it quite often. Amac (real name William MacFarlane) did indeed invent 'Find The Lady', and performed it himself as 'The Illusive Lady' before selling the illusion to Cecil Lyle and joining the Lyle show to become its Company Manager.

Following Lyle's death in 1955, his widow, Lucille passed the illusion on to Granville Taylor(Faust) with full and exclusive performing rights, which he still holds.

My only knowledge of The Educated Pencil was that Davenports sold it before the Second World War so your date of 1938 supports that.

Amac was originally from Birmingham (UK) and an engineer. Lucille Lyle (Lucille LaFarge) told Faust, who was chief assistant to Lyle, that MacFarlane chose the name Amac by adding the letter 'A' to the first three letters of his surname!
Message: Posted by: ddamen (Feb 4, 2018 11:24AM)
My instructions for Amac's Educated Pencil are dated "Copyright 1938."

Magiro's version of this effect, Kugelbalance, is even better. It is a heavy (AK47?) military bullet, working by the same principle, but much higher quality and more stable
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Feb 5, 2018 05:15AM)
Edwin Hooper at Supreme put out an inferior version of the pencil that wasn't reliable. I'm still using a Davenport's original Amac pencil that occasionally requires a little TLC but generally works fine and compliments my patter story (about my Great Grandfather, who was a temperance preacher, etc ...!).

I wasn't aware of a version with a bullet so thanks for that information, interesting.
Message: Posted by: Bruce T (Jun 22, 2020 12:54PM)
Does anyone know if this is available for purchase anywhere?