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Topic: Fidget Spinners....
Message: Posted by: Frosty (May 31, 2017 03:16PM)
Ok, I know you really can't pitch these suckers but had to throw this in for those who wanna try it..

Fidget spinners are selling like crazy right now. Just throw a pile of these spinners on each side of your pitch joint and watch them disappear like magic.

I Have sold out every week over and over again... don't know how long this will last... but I'll keep doing this till it lasts...!

Hope this helps and hope you are all doing great!
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Jun 4, 2017 06:39AM)
We throw them in quickly in our pitch at the end of the Houdini Museum tour and magic show, and we sell a few just about every pitch. A few want every color plus the glow in the dark ones. We have ordered the new three LED ones as well. However the market will get saturated and you may get stuck with some at the end of this fad. Ride it while it lasts. We suggest for people to check Youtube for ideas, and mention that OUR centers pop out for easier use (they mostly all do).
Dick Brookz
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 4, 2017 01:15PM)
Hello Dick Brookz, You bring a good point on being careful not to end up with too many of them as it seems the bottom is about to fall off...

The LED light ups sell EXTREMELY good at fairs and festivals at night... I'm waiting on my order for the glow in the darks..

I've noticed that the metal ones that are different sell the best in the day... it seems that the kiddos are starting to collect them and are looking for cool looking ones that are different...

Have a good one...!
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 4, 2017 11:34PM)
I did the same thing today.. just threw a pile on each side of my joint and pitched my magic slum as usual...

Again them spinners sold like crazy! SOLD OUT on the LED light ups and the metal spinners... was only left with the regular ones...

(It's weird cuz everyone and their moma over here are now selling them, but they still sell even though..) maybe because magic attracts good crowds and the kids just can't resist once they see them.... Don't know..

I have a few festivals coming up this month...

Just hope them spinners stay hot for just a bit longer...!

I have noticed though that regular ones are not selling as well as before.. Only the different ones like the metal ones etc or the LED light ups...
Maybe the end is getting near...

We'll see!
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Jun 8, 2017 05:10AM)
Waiting to get new ninga shaped fidget spinners from US Toy commercial division @ $1.70
Dick Brookz
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 8, 2017 08:11AM)
Thanks for the tip on US Toy Co..

1.70 is a good price..

Checked them out and looks like they are now sold out!
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Jun 8, 2017 08:23PM)
Writing on the wall.
A local chain, Boscov's, has an ad selling spinners for $2.99, a loss leader to get customers in the store.

Dick Brookz
Message: Posted by: The Cardfather (Jun 11, 2017 11:34AM)
Went to a nearby, year round swap meet last week that covers a 15 acre drive-in theater location. Literally every other vendor had a table full of fidget spinners. I bought 2 for $8.00. I looked at the back of the boxes and found a sticker type label from China. Forgot the city but starts with an X and same city most items get knocked off at. Little research may find a cheap China source.
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 11, 2017 11:40PM)
I was out at a FleaMarket in San Antonio this weekend and yes.... Every other booth had them...

Still sold out all my LED light up spinners but the others weren't selling..

Gotta keep ordering more Light up spinners..

I got a space where there was a roof and wasn't too lit up.

I also spin one or two turned on on the table and when they see the lights they give, they just can't resist..

What I do is that I get a booth close to the entrance so I can get'em before others will.. as they are all selling them now..

Right now it's about who gets em first

If you study the crowd a little you'll notice that they always walk on the right side just like cars drive in the right side of the street..
Knowing that gives you an advantage to look for a space where the foot traffic walks by...

The reason I say this is because your competing with everyone and the game is to get their cash first before others do..

When working at fairs many times you don't decide where your booth will be...

The bottom is already falling off for spinners though...!

Sales are dropping Big Time!
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 11, 2017 11:42PM)
I sell the light up spinners for $5 bucks and buy them wholesale for a little under $1.50
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jun 30, 2017 06:45PM)
Quick update:

The bottom appears to have fallen.....!

Did a 4 day festival last week and fidgets were still selling but at an all time low...!

I got two 4th of July events this weekend and I don't expect them to sell much any more...!

One guy last week was selling em at 2 for 5 bucks! Then close to the end of the event started just giving them away...

Not good as I still have plenty of em....!
Message: Posted by: Phil Ainsworth (Jan 8, 2019 09:37PM)
Did you get rid of those last spinners, Frosty?
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jan 9, 2019 08:57AM)
Yes.. I sold them all just on time right before the bottom fell off. I was almost stuck with a few cases as I had just ordered them from China but felt the drop in sales so I quickly sold them at discount prices..
Message: Posted by: Frosty (Jan 9, 2019 10:38AM)
Also forgot to mention that I even sometimes threw them in as an extra kicker just to push a sale that was right on the edge...
Message: Posted by: Phil Ainsworth (Jan 9, 2019 01:21PM)
Nice work!

You've hit on a bit of a bonus that the Svengali pitchman has over other traders who just batch-buy the 'latest and greatest' crazes....

We can always use unsold stock as kickers.

I've always been wary in the past of jumping on things like this - loom bands, fidget spinners, and the squishy things that seem to be all the rage at the moment. I've always been wary of getting stuck with cases when the bottom drops out.

But as you say, we can take the money while the sun shines and also use them as kickers when we sense a slow-down... Clever!