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Topic: 100 tricks!
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Jun 1, 2017 05:48AM)
This post in the Jerx got me thinking:

For social magi a 100 tricks is probably about right, IMHO, though it seems a lot and flies in the face of standard advice to master just six! :)

But finding, and more importantly being able to perform well, a 100 tricks is, at least to me, a pretty tall order. :). Especially given the other constraints on tricks social magi have to work with: impromptu, examinable, short, in-the-hands, pocket props only, FSDIU, angle-less etc etc.

What tricks would form part of your 100 trick repertoire?
And do you have a 100 impromptu tricks you can actually perform well?
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Jun 1, 2017 02:43PM)
I recently started trying to get my magic organized. I started with Mindmeister to make a mind map of things I had, things I wanted and things to work on. I was pretty shocked to find out I had fully written scripts for 13 effects 10 of which are impromptu though not all in the hands which is a criteria I am working on. With a little thought I could probably scare up another 5 tricks that would have very little presentation. So the question is do we set up a list ... or a group with a goal of knowing 100 tricks by the end of the yaar?
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Jun 1, 2017 03:29PM)
Cool! :)

What's mindmeister?
Message: Posted by: dgiancaspro (Jun 1, 2017 06:04PM)
MindMeister is a mind mapping web you can check it out here
You get 3 mind maps for free
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Jun 2, 2017 02:32AM)
Interesting. Cheers for that :)

Though I'm more of a paper and pen man myself.
Message: Posted by: MikeLiu (Jun 8, 2017 12:25PM)
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Jun 26, 2017 11:54PM)
Depending on your definition, but a routine could be made up of 1 or more tricks. So a utility move like the french drop can be used in many effects. In the past I have done some brain storming around this idea. I looked at what props/ items I use and then drew up a list of what I could add to them. here are a few exapmles of what I mean.

-I had 4 coins and two playing cards for a matrix effect, by adding 2 more cards and making them the 4 Aces I could add Dr Dalyes last trick.
-Rope I used for a single rope routine based around the single rope fiber optics buy adding a ring I could do ring and rope and adding a silk add rope and silk tricks. Also I have a story about pirates that use the bachelor needle effect.

Just a little idea hope it helps.