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Topic: Review: Penguin LIVE "Fast Jack" lecture
Message: Posted by: chappy (Jun 3, 2017 05:07AM)
Those with an interest in cards, dice and in particular gambling moves of a card and dice mechanic, you might enjoy my review of the recent Penguin LIVE lecture by John "Fast Jack" Farrell, on my blog About Cards.


Don't miss it if you have any interest in gambling moves.
Message: Posted by: AstoneMagicalSleight (Jun 4, 2017 10:43AM)
I think it's a clearly underrated lecture. Probably one of the best ever if you like anecdote and real information about gambling.
Message: Posted by: tmoca (Jun 5, 2017 06:54AM)
I feel this is one of the best lectures Penguin has had.
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Jun 6, 2017 06:46PM)
I agree...loaded with great information and stories..from a real world gambler