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Topic: Street magic footage
Message: Posted by: nate (Apr 6, 2004 05:23PM)
Iam getting ready to shoot some street magic, and am wondering how to appraoch people with the camera.. I think that alot of people may be put off when they see a camera coming..any advice?
Message: Posted by: xtreme_mixers (Apr 6, 2004 05:25PM)
Hmm I was gonna do the same thing personally I would of (havn't so don't definantly go on it) have said can I show you somthing interesting and have a deck / prop in my hand ready so they know whats coming and wont be to scared of.
Message: Posted by: Twitch (Apr 6, 2004 10:11PM)
I useally have my camara guy follow about 6 or so feet behind me so when I approach someone I have time to talk to them before the camara guy gets there and by then they don't really care, the hardest part is getting them to sign a release before they walk off otherwise your running after them and that can somtimes freak them out.

Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 7, 2004 06:53AM)
You need a third person with release forms to catch them as soon as the effect is over.
Message: Posted by: nate (Apr 7, 2004 11:22AM)
Any advice on how to type of these release forms?, or what they should say?
Message: Posted by: Twitch (Apr 7, 2004 11:29AM)
I had my lawyer draft one up for me. you can find them on the net or if you decide to write your own (I don't suggest that) make sure it inculdes what the purpose of the footage is and that the person signing the form is aware of what the use of the film is and that they are giving permission for you to to what you want with the footage in editing.

some lawyers will draft one up for you for pretty cheap or even have them on hand already. best bet check the net first.

Oh and if you don't have the money for release forms or the people for it, just have them say there name and that it's ok to use they're image on film and it works the same way more or less, but it's still better to have a release form..