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Topic: Past magic magazines
Message: Posted by: padre rich (Jun 7, 2017 12:24PM)
LYBRARY.COM offers for $25 70 TOP EFFECTS FROM 70 YEARS OF MAGIC MAGAZINES a listing of the best of five magi mags of over a half century.all kinds of tricks noted.great source of material.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Jun 8, 2017 01:27AM)
From Lybrary . com
"However, note that you are only getting the reference where you will find the article and a short description of what it is and why it should be of interest to you. You don't get the actual articles. You need to have the magazines to read the articles. Several of them are available in digital form from Lybrary.com. "
$25 is only the start you then have to track down each issue of the magazine,That could add up to quite a sum.This is a resource to find great material but it appears it is not the material it self.