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Topic: Putting Magic in an Escape Room?
Message: Posted by: Some_Magical_Idiot (Jun 26, 2017 11:10AM)
I am not sure where to post this but thought I would start here. I have recently been turned on to the "escape room" fad and have done a few all over the East of the US. If you aren't aware, an "escape room" is essentially a scenario based activity where a group of participants are trying to figure out how to accomplish some goal (such as escape a room, or diffuse a bomb, or solve a mystery) within a specified time (45 minutes to an hour typically) through a series of challenges (such as puzzles). Usually a series of hints are available via a "game master" who monitors the group to ensure they are safe, non-destructive, and don't get frustrated. They are popping up all over the place and can vary GREATLY in quality. The best ones in my opinion completely immerse the participants in the theme through set up and props and game play (for lack of a better word). I would like to put together an escape room party and in doing so was trying to figure out a way to marry my interest in magic with it. Has anyone given this any thought or seen this done? (and to answer your question - no, you are not literally trapped in the room, that's illegal in the US). I have a few ideas but before I share I wanted to see what thoughts some of you might have. I can share more insights to the methodology if it helps. Thanks for your time!
Message: Posted by: murf (Jul 5, 2017 01:59PM)
There's a magic themed escape room in San Antonio: <http://www.extremeescape.com/escape-rooms/master-of-illusion/>. I've poked my head into this one while on my way to another one, but not "played the game." Lots of beautiful props, but I've been told that the "experience" is mostly just finding the right combination for the locks from a list of combinations. But beautiful props....