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Topic: Giving kids Tricks instead of Treats this Halloween (Kickstarter)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Jun 27, 2017 01:48AM)

Why didn't someone think of this brilliant idea earlier? At the end of every October it's the same routine:

A knock on the door. Neighbourhood kids in cute costumes.


Outstretched hands waiting for candy. And the words: "Trick or Treat?"


But isn't it about time that you handed out Tricks instead of Treats? Not nasty tricks, of course. But tricks [i]that ARE treats[/i]! In other words: magic tricks, that kids can take home and learn!


What a terrific idea! In today's age, kids get enough sweet things, and many people are looking for healthier alternatives to hand out. What better way to do that than by handing treat-sized packets of magic, which your costumed door-knockers can enjoy with family and friends at home and school. Plus it gets them learning about magic, thinking about others instead of themselves, and developing their abilities in new and exciting ways.

That's the terrific concept from Michael Rosander and Brian South, that is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, under the title [b]Tricks Instead of Treats[/b]. You'll find the project here:




So what's it about exactly? Their project is in part about giving people more options when treating the young trick-or-treaters that frequent their doorstep on October 31st. But the vision is much bigger than that: Michael and Brian are of the firm conviction that kids can develop communication skills, learn to interact with others around them, and many other life-skills through magic.

There's already a trend for people to give away healthier Halloween treats, like small toys and stickers. So why not something that stays closer to the Halloween theme: mini magic kits! In the words of the guys behind this project: "[i]When kids say "Trick or Treat?" you say, "Happy Halloween, you get a TRICK at our house!" You can even show them the trick if you like.[/i]" I love it already!


Here's another example kit:


They've designed 8 collectable mini magic kits, and have also ensured that they can be used year-round, by not making them Halloween specific (so you can even use them as favours at your kids birthday, or rewards handed out by teachers or dentists).


The kits have been designed with kids in mind, with half of them geared to kids under 6, and the other half suitable for anyone (including adults!) above that age. All of them are intended to be easy to learn and perform. Each kit is printed in colour, and is about the size of a pack of collectable cards. Here's the complete list of everything in the series:
[b]#1 Grand Illusions[/b]: 3 Brain Bogglers
[b]#2 Wacky Weather Maching[/b]: Make it rain the unusual
[b]#3 Funny Fortune-Teller:[/b] Read someone's mind
[b]#4 Superhero Socks[/b]: Predict the future
[b]#5 Appearing Treasure[/b]: Find a lucky gold coin
[b]#6 Incredible Shrinking Dog[/b]: Instantly change a dog's size
[b]#7 Cool Cards[/b]: Turn any card into an ice pop
[b]#8 The Magic Trunk[/b]: Vanish an elephant


Each bag comes with all 8 tricks. For $18, you get four bags, which means 72 magic kits. That works out to just a quarter ($0.25) each, which I think is pretty good value. And that [i]includes[/i] free shipping in the US.

There are also higher reward levels which offer even better value, and come with a Discover Magic Funbook, an activity book with over 150 magic puzzles, games, jokes, riddles, tricks, optical illusions, and more, valued at $20 on its own.



Is that affordable? Don't worry, these guys have done the math for you. They point out that a chocolate variety pack with 120 pieces sells for around $30, while a variety box of tricks from Discover Magic (144 tricks) is only $36. Very comparable. But unlike the candy, the magic has benefits that candy can't offer:

[i]Candy lasts for a moment ... Magic lasts a lifetime
Candy is all about you ... Magic is all about others
Candy rots your teeth ... Magic makes you smile
Candy increases calories ... Magic increases confidence
Candy makes you hyper ... Magic makes you happy[/i]


Michael and Brian know what they are talking about, because they are involved with a company called Discover Magic, which creates material used to teach magic classes across the United States, and uses magic to teach kids how to build character and health self-development, including important characteristics like being respectful, prepared, enthusiastic, confident, humble, creative, authentic, and giving.


The campaign target is $12,000, and it's already well-overfunded, so that's great news. And what's more, they promise to deliver by early October - well on time for Halloween!

Now I haven't seen the final product, but I've seen enough to be very interested in this project, and I applaud the creators for coming up with a fresh idea to help make Halloween safer and positive. Although I have no personal connection with the project creators, I will my personal bias quite clearly: I've been involved in amateur magic for over 30 years, so I'm all for something that helps put magic into the hands of children, and helps them think more about others, and build character. Bravo Michael and Brian, and I hope that your creativity helps share the love for magic in the next generation!


[i]Want to learn more? [/i]
[b]Kickstarter link[/b]: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1124256080/tricks-instead-of-treats-magic-puzzles-games-cards
[b]Discover Magic[/b]: https://www.discovermagic.com

Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Jul 18, 2017 10:22PM)
Since posting the above preview, I've had opportunity to see firsthand an advance copy of the Discover Magic Funbook, which comes along with some of the higher reward levels.

It consists of original material that the guys at Discover Magic created themselves, with over 150 magic puzzles, games, jokes, riddles, tricks, optical illusions, and more, all beautifully presented with the help of a professional illustrator. I've seen a preview of this (I received an advance copy for review), and my family has really been enjoying it so far.

This activity book is very impressive, and my kids just loved it. It consists of original material that the guys at Discover Magic created themselves, all beautifully presented with the help of a professional illustrator. I did a number of the puzzles and activities together with them (and had fun doing so - there's good variety!), and they were also able to enjoy doing them on their own.

There are about 80 pages of activities and content (with solutions in the back), as well as teaching some basic tricks, and other magic related things. It's full colour, with great illustrations and content, including a great variety of activities and puzzles, all of which are magic themed. It's certainly worth considering including one of these if you're looking for a great gift to give to kids.


If you want to get on board with the Kickstarter, which ends on Friday, 28 July, here's the link:

Message: Posted by: pattrick (Aug 5, 2017 06:56AM)
Are these not available for purchase or order anymore? I see kickstarter has ended. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: BtheDreamer (Oct 21, 2020 06:57PM)
These are still available here:

The price has gone up because supply is getting low and manufacturing costs went up quite a bit!
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Oct 21, 2020 07:20PM)
It looks like something has gone amiss with the image hosting in the original post.

You can see the full article with pictures here (along with extra info about some fun custom playing cards these guys have also produced):

Message: Posted by: TKD27 (Nov 13, 2020 11:51PM)
This is a really cute idea, but boy is it costly. I have a giveaway I make myself and use at all my magic shows. When I used to hand out candy for Halloween (before I had kids to take trick or treating) I would hand these out (along with some candy, because let's face it, candy is what the kids are there for).

I like the quality of the magic tricks these guys have produced, but yeah. As I said, a bit pricey.