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Topic: A Strange Link
Message: Posted by: Jack (Nov 10, 2001 04:50PM)
I figured out a method for linking two earrings, while still on the ears of two different people (the magician and his assistant).

In effect: The magician holds up two rings and claims that he will magically link them together. About that time, his assistant is next to him or walking behind him. He speaks an incantation and instantly his assistantís head is sucked up against his.

When they separate their heads slightly, their earrings are really linked together (really linked, no magnets, sticky stuff, anything). "Whoops, I think I said the magic words wrong, I linked the wrong rings!" he exclaims. He unhooks his from his ear, shows that itís truly linked to hers, unlinks it, and hands it out for examination. Hers can be examined as well, as it is ordinary and ungimmicked.

I could see certain comedy magicians that wear earrings get some use out of this. Thereís definitely a method; an easy one at that. A magic bud and myself tried it out when I first came up with it (though a female assistant would have been nicer) and it works. It definitely caught the spectators off-guard, especially when they saw that the earrings are really linked together, and as far as I know (or imagine), itís never been done before.

Magically, Jack :idea:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 10, 2001 10:45PM)
Okay Jack, an interesting idea and effect.

However, keeping with the theme of this forum, what is youíre presentation?

We are looking for presentational ideaís here.

Since you have been playing with this for a while, Iím sure you have come up with several possibilities.

Anyone else have some presentation ideaís?



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Message: Posted by: Jack (Nov 12, 2001 05:48AM)
Oh sorry, I guess the presentation was only roughly described. I haven't made this effect part of my magic performances (since I don't have assistants) but here's how myself and my magic bud did it.

This effect is one of those off-beat magic occurances that happens in between the main event effects.

The assistant hands two rings (two normal rings from a linking ring set) to the magician.

Magician: "Thank You. Here you go sir (handing them out to a spectator). If you will please examine these two rings. Solid and ordinary."

Assistant: "You forgot to tell them about the holes."

Magician: "What holes?"

Assistant: "These!" as he takes one of the rings and puts his hand through the center. That old magic pun works well with people.

Magician: "Give that back and behave! Sorry about that folks. O.K., like I was saying, I will now magically link the two rings with the magic words 'Hocus Pocus, Chicken bones choke us, dabra ca abra, boom!"

The magician and the assistants head race together.

Assistant: "Ow! What did you do?"

Magician: "I don't know. Hold still. Oh man, guess what?"

Assistant: "What?"

Magician: "I linked the wrong rings."

The magician and the spectator slightly spread their heads and the audience see's that their earrings are truly linked together.

Assistant: "Our earrings?"

Magician: "Fraid so (this is in Texas)."

Magician: "Hey, guess what?"

Assistant: "What?"

Magician: "I linked our earrings!"

Assistant: "Yes I can see that."

Magician: "You can see them?"

Assistant: "You know what I mean. This is what happens when you play with magic words."

Magician: "I was trying to be creative. Sorry."

Assistant: "Well, why don't you be more creative and unlink them."

Magician: "I don't know the magic words for that."

Assistant: "Well then, why don't you use your hands."

Magician: "O.K. No wait, let's show the audience that our earrings are really linked."

Assistant: "Why?"

Magician: "Because our earrings are linked, which they weren't a moment ago. So therefore, I still did a magic trick."

Assistant: "O.K. O.K. Let's get this done. My neck is hurting."

The slow, open unlinking is done and both earrings are handed for examination.

The magician the assistant each grab a linking ring and start to walk opposite directions and are yanked because the two linking rings are now linked together.

Is that better Steve?

Magically, Jack :hrmph:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 12, 2001 07:57AM)
Yes, much better. :)
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Nov 12, 2001 08:35AM)
Just a thought for a stupid line here...

Assistant: Well, can you UNlink them? This is really EAR-itating!
Message: Posted by: Jack (Nov 12, 2001 08:40AM)
Perfect! :kiss:
Message: Posted by: Jack (Jul 11, 2017 04:32PM)
If you'd like to know the method and further instructions on this, e-mail me and I'll gladly send you a free pdf. with it. It's also published in my books 'Impossabilities' and 'Impossabilities - The Collected Works'.