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Topic: Transfer 2 early bird tickets for the IBM&SAM2017 Convention ($299 each, price negotiable)
Message: Posted by: Han (Jul 5, 2017 11:32PM)
Hey guys ! My names is Han, a magician and a recent graduate of Northeastern University in Boston. I have 2 early bird tickets for the IBM&SAM 2017 Annual Convention for sale ($299 each, it is priced now around $600). If you are interested in buying one or all two tickets, please feel free to contact me ! Thanks !

My wife and I bought these two tickets last year, and we really wanna attend the convention. However, we have to transfer our tickets to someone else because we are unable to make it due to our personal issues.

If you are interested in attending the IBM & SAM Convention 2017, don't hesitate to contact us ! The price of our 2 tickets is unbeatable. And if you are really interested in the convention and still think that the price is a little bit too high, feel free to tell us how much you are offering, there is always some wiggle room in terms of the price !

Thanks !