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Topic: Royal Road to Card Magic Dealing Position
Message: Posted by: belashi (Jul 13, 2017 11:07PM)
Hi guys,
My name is Bruno, I`m new here, and I`m a beginner magician.
I`m reading Royal Road to Card Magic and even though the book does not go into detail on this, you realize in the sleights that the dealing position it considers is having all four fingers on the right side of the pack and the thumb on the left side.
An example is "III FLOURISHES - DISPLAYING THE TOP CARD", "III FLOURISHES - THE CLICK" when it says that you should start with the dealing position and according to the description and the drawing, it is understood that the four fingers should be on the right side of the deck.

I learned in other books that the dealing position is composed by the index finger curled on the outer end, thumb on the left side and middle, ring, and little fingers on the right side.

What`s the difference between both? Wich is better?

Thanks guys, and sorry about my english!
Message: Posted by: NWJay (Jul 14, 2017 03:35PM)
Hi Bruno, welcome to the Café!

The modern card "bible" is Roberto Giobbi's Card College, and he definitely recommends the index finger on the outer edge, the top and middle phalanx touching the edge as the anatomy of your hand dictates. I can't actually remember seeing any other configuration being described, though I might be wrong. It's useful for all sorts of reasons you'll come across, but Giobbi points out the simplest, in that it stops the cards slipping forward out of your hand!

There are lots of people here with far more experience than me but I'd be amazed if you find any who suggest for the basic dealing position any other set-up than index finger on the outer edge.

Hope that's helpful :)
Message: Posted by: belashi (Jul 14, 2017 09:14PM)
Yeah, actually I`m curious if this is some sort of "evolution" of the technique.
I`m seeing in many chapters on RRTCM that the position starts with the index finger at the side and they call it dealing position.
Message: Posted by: NWJay (Jul 15, 2017 05:32AM)
There are times when you move the index finger there for various things, but that's definitely not "dealing position" as I understand the term.

That said, don't worry about using RR as your first tutor - it was mine and it was a wonderful way to get going, and as you've no doubt seen elsewhere here it is still recommended as one of *the* primers to get despite its age, While bits of it are old-fashioned, its principles are still sound, there's a multitude of fantastic effects included, and the odd time its advice clashes with what you've seen elsewhere you can quickly research which is now considered best practice.
Message: Posted by: P.L.Green (Jul 15, 2017 08:28AM)
Bruno, I am also following RRtCM as one of my introduction books into card magic and noticed the same issue. On the other hand, I am also reading Canuto's Cartomagia Fundamental (in Spanish) and there the index finger is bent in the same way as covered in Roberto Giobbi's book and described in previous post.

I have also seen some other small discrepancies in other movements. In this case I try both and stay with the one that makes more sense based on the pro's con's I read on each book.