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Topic: All Secrets of the "Impossible Bottle" now avaible as Download
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jul 23, 2017 12:23PM)
Hello at all!First, Sorry about my bad english.

Month ago I posted this in the Puzzle section and get many many Mails about that.
Now I wanted to make a full description.

I share my methods on how to make Impossible Bottles, and you could learn them via DVD or Download (Video Protected).
To make only a few avaible I only give away (realy) 3 Videos from every single Bottle. If you miss it there is no way to get an extra Video.

Here are the Prices. If you are interested please contact me via PM.

1. Sealed Deck of Cards in Bottle ( Sealed in the Original Cellophane). 200 Euro. Only two Avaible(1 Sold).
2. Corkscrew in Bottle 120 Euro.
3. Sealed Deck in Wine Bottle (Cellophane included). 250 Euro.
4. Golf Ball in Glass (for smaller Jars). 50 Euro.
5. Sealed Deck with Bolt thru the middle (Cellophane included). 220 Euro.
6. Shoes in Gallon ( Apple Cider). 220 Euro.

You could see a few Images on how it looks like on my Blog.

DVD Shipping with Tracking Number +10 Dollar.
If you take the Download Link its free ;-)
Please only Via PM!
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jul 28, 2017 01:40PM)
Standard Deck in Bottle only 1 avaible.
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jul 29, 2017 02:24PM)
Sealed Deck in Wine Bottle 2 Sold, only 1 Download avaible.
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jul 30, 2017 04:25PM)
Shoes in Gallon only one Left.
Message: Posted by: Puzzlemaker (Jul 31, 2017 09:34AM)
Avaible the last 24 Hours.