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Topic: Clipping dove wings
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jul 28, 2017 05:38PM)
What's the best way to clip a doves wings?
I don't want to cut too much off.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 29, 2017 05:24AM)
No No No. Jay, why do you want to clip the wings? It isn't necessary if you devote enough time to training. Even the tail should only be trimmed occasionally just to neaten it up.
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jul 30, 2017 02:54PM)
This is older dove I recently acquired. Dave, the dove I got from you was great. He imprinted on me and I had no problems with it. This dove is not yet trained and I don't want him to take off on me.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 30, 2017 05:11PM)
Jay, practice with it in a confined room so if it does fly off, it won't have anywhere to do. You can spray cold water under it's wings to retard the flying as well. Clipping doesn't prevent it from flying off either. It just makes it uncomfortable and may cause it to drop to the floor or fly into something.

While I don't condone wing clipping, you clip off no more than an inch on every other feather on both wings but again, this isn't going to stop it from flying. The best solution is training.
Message: Posted by: Rook (Jul 31, 2017 04:13PM)
Hi, Jay!
Most of us here will give you the advice to train rather than clip.

If you insist on clipping, however, check to see if there's a bird shop in your area (one in my neighborhood, for example, is a pet store that specializes in parrots and the like). They often have groomers there on certain days of the week. You can have your dove professionally safely groomed (including wings) for a very small fee.
Message: Posted by: Tim Snyder (Jul 31, 2017 05:19PM)
I was under the impression that one of the main reasons doves are used is because they don't like to keep flying; but prefer to land on the nearest "safe" perch. I don't yet own any doves. Just have a non-performing cockatiel who thinks she is human. If you go slow in the trust building, I don't think you will need to clip either.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 31, 2017 09:04PM)
Doves will almost always fly to the highest perch but the point is to keep it from flying off that perch unless they have been trained to do so. Clipping the wings will prevent that from happening, eliminate the possibility of doing the toss out and reduces their ability to excercise
Message: Posted by: Paul Budd (Aug 18, 2017 01:27PM)
All I can bring to the table is: I know how to trim wings the WRONG way! (No, I didn't hurt my dove.....I'll just leave it as a mystery!!) :goodluck:
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 18, 2017 04:55PM)
There is no right or wrong way, just something that shouldn't and doesn't need to be done.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 14, 2018 07:54AM)
The dove harness I use allows me to cross the dove's wing tips in the harness. He cannot get loose to fly until I slide the harness off. I have him well set by then.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 4, 2018 06:33PM)
[quote]On Jul 28, 2017, fccfp wrote:
What's the best way to clip a doves wings?
I don't want to cut too much off.
Thanks, [/quote]
You might want to use a Silkie Dove instead. They cannot fly away.