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Topic: Long Range Remote Control for PC, Mac & Tablets (Android)
Message: Posted by: gothike (Aug 8, 2017 06:27PM)

Just getting some market insights.

I literally learned how to program micro controllers and some higher geeky stuff.

I built myself a remote control for PC, Mac or Tablet (Android). Think long range power point remote.

750ft trigger or more with small keyfob remotes.

The RF parts are top of the line components from LinxTechnologies. Similar parts are in the AudioApe. So they work and are reliable.


With the RF parts, board, soldering, usb panel mounts, antenna mounts, labor, this remote would cost several hundreds in parts alone.

Would anyone be interested?

Message: Posted by: chmara (Sep 1, 2017 09:30PM)
Yep, if pricing is right and multi-channel can be added with other controllers for toe switched, etc.
Message: Posted by: gothike (Sep 2, 2017 01:48PM)

I figured out a way to join to products together and minimize labor costs.

What do you mean by multi channel? Do you mean being able to use more than one remote.

If so, I believe it's up to 40 remotes that can be synced.
Message: Posted by: johnsterlini (Sep 12, 2017 08:40AM)
A quality Android remote would be awesome. Packaged with a great app (One Track?) would be fantasic. What would the final retail price be?
Message: Posted by: gothike (Sep 24, 2017 03:08PM)

I am not sure about prices, it would be lower than anything on the market.

Basically I am piecing together hardware, sorta like building your own computer. But my own code.

The problem presently, not sure what happens in the future with Android tablets, is some don't support OTG USB so you can't control them with remote controls. Now if they do, some or most don't support having a remote connected and charging at the same time.

Unless your Android is "rooted" hacked with a special kernel to allow data and charging at the same time. It is not the cable, the cable is capable of sending data and charging simultaneously, its the USB connection detection code.

That explains why I have been moving slowly.