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Topic: Bizzare Kurotsuke
Message: Posted by: Eugene Chekhov (Aug 11, 2017 08:09AM)
Good presentation!
4 months ago I saw this version on sale - small beads. Something to do with Bizzare magic. Does anyone know the right site or the right name.
Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Eugene Chekhov (Aug 11, 2017 08:21AM)

After 4 hours of searching
I thought that it was an eternity - over 525 links and sites were checked.- I found it!
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Aug 11, 2017 08:37AM)
Would work great with the DB since it is thinner than the one he is using. The sheer depth of his board shouts 'gimmick' to me.
Message: Posted by: Dan C (Aug 11, 2017 10:30AM)
I certainly admire your persistence Eugene!! 525 sites is at least 3 cups of coffee.....
Message: Posted by: Yogi2x4 (Aug 11, 2017 11:44AM)
Just got this beautiful thing. Excellent take on a classic!

Aren't those research adventures fun? I admire your persistence.
Message: Posted by: YitzhakNoDice (Aug 11, 2017 01:41PM)
Soydan is a fine, fine fellow. You will be pleased with PotP. I have seen it performed live by two different people and it is wonderful.
Message: Posted by: Eugene Chekhov (Aug 11, 2017 01:45PM)
Thanks friends! Simply magic prevents me from sleeping! I'm always looking for new methods and tricks.
Today is a happy day for me - I received very exclusive instructions to one trick about which two people in the world know today (imagine - only 2 magicians in the world perform this trick). I conversation with the son of the inventor for six months and today I was able to buy instructions - for $ 700. It's priceless!
Message: Posted by: Delimbeau (Aug 11, 2017 02:13PM)
Well, that makes people curious...
Message: Posted by: gothicmagic (Aug 11, 2017 06:08PM)
Weepinwil, The thickness you are speaking about is a drawer on that (don't know if it was a spiritus magnus or the smaller) but there is a drawer you could open , Aiden just didn't use it in this performance
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Aug 11, 2017 09:08PM)
Anyone know where to find larger beads?
If you do, PM me please...

Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Aug 12, 2017 06:49AM)
[quote]On Aug 11, 2017, gothicmagic wrote:
Weepinwil, The thickness you are speaking about is a drawer on that (don't know if it was a spiritus magnus or the smaller) but there is a drawer you could open , Aiden just didn't use it in this performance [/quote]

I know that but all in all it adds up to suspicious in my mind as a spectator. Haven't seen Ouija Board jewelry drawers, they all are flat and thin.
Message: Posted by: gothicmagic (Aug 12, 2017 11:14AM)
Guess it all goes to personal preference, I have the style Aiden used (I use the drawer though) as I never liked that hexegram thing on the DB as it held no meaning to my character, but a box that held trophies of the dead ;)
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Aug 12, 2017 11:32AM)
Using the drawer will definitely help, since it serves a function. I've never used either to perform so I may not have a proper perspective other than just watching the video. If it works for you is all that matters.
Message: Posted by: Philemon Vanderbeck (Aug 12, 2017 12:15PM)
I'm wondering why the bag with the beads in it weren't kept in the drawer? It would've helped to justify the thickness of the board.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Aug 12, 2017 12:28PM)
I remember talking to Rick about an idea that I had. I wanted an unique looking small box with symbols on it that would make people take notice of it. A box that was easily carried. When the box was placed on a table, you would really notice that there were one or more drawers at the bottom of one or more sides. These would be small thin drawers. The drawers would hold your pendulum, planchette and any small items.

The idea was that the box was more than what it seemed to be. No one knew that it was more than a small box. After a reading, routine or good story, the mystery performer could open it and the four sides would open outward and lay flat. Then there would be fours thin panels that you could slide into place turing the open box into a talking Board. A flat square talking board with small thin drawers under it. A talking board was hidden within the box. Better yet, the box was a talking board but no one knew it until the performer wanted to open it up.

Then a few months later, this box came out that is seen in the video... I always wondered if that box came from my idea..... Just saying.

Message: Posted by: revenantproductions (Aug 12, 2017 12:53PM)

You need to understand stand that this routine was for television. It was designed to fit within a very limited time table and had to work in a single take on camera. The DB does not film well. Nor does it look good on stage. It is one of the problems of many bizarre props. The designers work so hard to make them dark and creepy that they become too dark to see. The red lettering on the DB is lost on the dark wood of the board and does not show up on camera. Nor can it be seen from the stage.

The time constraint of the filming also meant that there was no time to remove the bag from the drawer, not allow the bag to be freely handled by the spectators. I would also not use multiple animated effects in a performance because it becomes a bit Disney. The turn of the dolls head was enough but tv producers see things through a different eye.

I use the board in the video nightly on stage at the Stanley and employ the drawer and it both looks good and plays strong for my audiences.

Message: Posted by: revenantproductions (Aug 12, 2017 02:11PM)
I can't thank you guys enough for watching and for all the friendships that have developed over the years here. The show was a brilliant experience and I'd strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to do it.
Message: Posted by: Gismologic (Aug 14, 2017 08:36AM)
I thought it was excellent.
Given the pressure and the time constraints I would think it's very difficult..
Less is more is perhaps a bit ticklish for a one shot Film shoot on a blindingly lit set.
Congratulations on a fine performance !
Message: Posted by: Sir (Aug 14, 2017 10:35AM)
That was my first thought as well when I watched him introduce the board and the doll.

I was like, "Yes, we're about to see some bizarre magick!"

Then I was like, "Wait... how on Earth is he going to pull this off in 90 seconds?"

He performed wonderfully, however, the television performance helped reinforce my opinion that bizarre magick is best experienced in candle light and without time constraints.