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Topic: Your workshop
Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Aug 17, 2017 06:42PM)
What does your workshop look like? Post pictures of your workshop. Below are pictures of mine.
Message: Posted by: Cleverpaws (Aug 17, 2017 08:27PM)
Thanks Larry for starting this thread. It's always interesting to see what others have done with tool organization, shop space and the types of tools they use. You've inspired me to clean my shop so I can post a photo!
Message: Posted by: Wizard of Oz (Aug 25, 2017 08:44PM)
Very cool Larry. Thank you for sharing.

I think workshops in unfinished basements or unfinished spaces in general are the best. Something about finishing a project surrounded by an unfinished project seems inspirational to me.
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 25, 2017 11:12PM)
Great shop, Larry! I don't have that much space in my whole friggin' house.
Message: Posted by: Larry Barnowsky (Aug 26, 2017 06:59AM)

I'll trade my space for your skills any day.
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Aug 29, 2017 02:29AM)
I would post a picture but there is no place to stand and take the photo.
It's like being too close to the forest to see the trees.
Suffice to say that I have 2,000 SF of tools, road cases and shelves but very little floor space.

I have been throwing out old useless props to make room and downsize.
Message: Posted by: Dan C (Aug 30, 2017 03:58PM)
Wait the universe doesn't implode if you throw something away from the shop.........Huh go figure
Message: Posted by: wunceaponatime (Sep 3, 2017 12:31PM)
Love your work and your workshop (I have many of your effects and books). I am all thumbs with regard to tools but I admire the skill involved making these effects that you, Michael Baker and others on this forum create.

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 9, 2017 03:19PM)
Nice workshop! My workshop is the great outdoors. My garage is full of tools, magic props, kayaks, bicycles, etc.

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Sep 9, 2017 06:49PM)
My "Main Workshop" is a folding plastic TV tray from Walmart and a large Plastic container of crafting tools, glues, tapes... from JoAnns and Michaels. I am mostly small scale (card gaffing and small projects like that). My basement serves for when I need tools or woodworking stuff for something like a close up table or mat.

My parents owned a cabinet making shop for years. I wish I had taken advantage of all the fancy woodworking tools they used to have back then.
Message: Posted by: Tap Roniart (Oct 13, 2017 09:33PM)
Thanks to seeing your shop, Larry, I'm going to burn my house down in envy! :)
Message: Posted by: ThunderSqueak (Oct 16, 2017 04:22AM)
Hmm, I wish I had that much space to work with... my shop consists of a 2foot by 6 foot metal shelf turned into a workbench, and another homemade wooden shelf that has a 3D printer and small CNC machine (3 axis with a 14" by 14" by 6" build area). The workbench is setup for working with electronics (no surprise given that I am an Electrical Engineer).


Oddly, I just realized the image of the 3D printer I picked ... it is actually printing the parts for the CNC machine above. :)


and my always cluttered electronics area (this is an image when I found a shoebox of dev kits that I had collected over the years).


I keep most of the test equipment on the shelves below the top of the bench. Odd fact... I build most of my tools myself when possible, an example is the CNC shown above which has a resolution of .0015mm.