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Topic: Cheesy Presentation
Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Sep 8, 2017 04:15PM)
I'll offer this up for anyone who wants to get the creativity flowing with a little imagination exercise.

I think this presentation idea would work best with really STRONG, high impact magic. In other words, the "cheesy" presentation belies the hard-hitting effect.

I'll provide the opening premise and maybe a sample idea. What other effect/presentation combos might work well with this dynamic? Of course, the presentation does not need to be your cup of tea or even fit your persona or character as it's just an imagination exercise.

The premise or introduction:

"I confess sometimes I enjoy a glass of cheap wine. Or some microwave popcorn and a B movie. I might even watch part of an afternoon talk show (oh the drama) or a cheesy late-night infomercial. Some things are just so bad that they are good. I will even admit that once in a while, I have performed tacky magic..."

Lest the outrage of sophisticated magicians be leveled against me, I will provide a sample idea--a real life example of solid magic cloaked in a low-rent presentation:

Message: Posted by: Dr. O (Sep 11, 2017 08:39AM)
Just like being in my old neighborhood magic shop all those years ago. Thoughtful thread and strong magic. Thanks for posting.