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Topic: Truth About Jibrizy
Message: Posted by: furmanmatt (Sep 21, 2017 10:57AM)

Here are my thoughts, would love to hear yours...
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Sep 22, 2017 03:34PM)
I'm in 100% agreement with you my man. I can't stand this guy Jabreezy. Horrible.
Message: Posted by: Mike ODonnell (Sep 26, 2017 01:11PM)
Not surprised one bit...
Message: Posted by: MrBadGuy (Dec 8, 2019 01:09PM)
Ha! I just came across this post! I'm finally getting around to watching all 6 seasons of the CW's Masters of Illusion and when I first saw this guy I thought he was horrible. I did not like his presentation at all. I also couldn't stand someone called Billy Kidd. Her tricks and presentation I thought were atrocious -- did you see that needle swallowing trick or the wine glass thing?!?!. My wife is pretty much a layman when it comes to magic, and sat with me through a few episodes of Masters of Illusion and couldn't stand these two either; so I don't think it's just me viewing them through critical magician's eyes.
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Dec 11, 2019 05:44AM)
Truth About Jibrizy? He gives Magic a bad image. I give him a MAJOR Thumbs Down...

Message: Posted by: Alex McFly (Dec 13, 2019 01:28PM)
Should he be known? Never heard of him before... :happyxmas:
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Dec 13, 2019 11:14PM)
No surprise here....do you think the reactions to performing street magic we are conditioned to seeing is real? I have been performing professionally over 35 years and have never gotten that response in the real world nor has any of my fellow magicians I know.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Dec 27, 2019 03:06AM)
This is why people think hes an idiot.... He claims to be better than Shin Lim and Justin Miller..


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Message: Posted by: Dougini (Dec 27, 2019 11:57AM)
OMG...three minutes of my life I'll never get back! Unreal...

Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Dec 27, 2019 06:21PM)
What a clown. It is ironic tho that you see him on TV now quite a bit. I assume someone is representing him.
Message: Posted by: fcchief1 (Jan 3, 2020 10:45AM)
He started out with Penguin Magic, I have seen him on tv a couple times doing other magicians tricks, he has not done anything original. Last time I saw him was in a magic course put out by a scam artist Paul Vu who sells magic courses claiming to take you from beginner to bona fide magician in a matter of several months. Jibrizy was giving advice and counsel with Vu. Vu also performs others magic without giving any credit whatsoever.
Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Jan 12, 2020 10:05PM)
I think he is listed with a net worth of ten million dollars....obviously a typo...ten dollars.