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Topic: Riser Mini Cups Question
Message: Posted by: Dale Houck (Oct 1, 2017 01:10PM)
I have two sets of Riser mini cups. One I'll call old style and one new style. The old set has the hallmark "R" stamped in the bottom and the new set has the whole name stamped. The new style has slightly curved sides and a more "artsy" look in my opinion. I've sent photos to a few people and they've never seen the new style. (I know they are no longer in production and haven't been for several years, so the "new" here is relative and not meant to imply "current").

Anyone here familiar with the "new" style? Any idea on the history?


Message: Posted by: Mobius303 (Oct 2, 2017 10:45PM)
Ask Jim Riser?
He spins them by hand so there are chnages in them from each spinning.
Jim Should be able to easily tell you the history or direct you to his page about them.
Message: Posted by: dcjames (Oct 15, 2017 11:41AM)
Hi Dale,

I have two sets of small Riser cups as well. One is the old style you refer to and the other one is the Midi set. Both of my sets are hallmarked with the James P Riser stamp in the bottom of the saddle. Not familiar with the R hallmark.

Both of my sets pictured on the James Riser Magic cup reference page here: http://jamesriser.com/Magic/RiserSpunItems/RiserCopperSpinnings.html

Interesting that your new style set does not seem to be shown in any of those photos.

Message: Posted by: Dale Houck (Oct 16, 2017 12:01PM)
I loved the look of the "new" style, but I suspect it was an experiment and not produced in quantity. At any rate, that set sold on the big auction site last night. It's going to a good home, thankfully!

I also have a set of the Midi cups. Both the mini and the midis are among my favorite sets.