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Topic: Ling-Ling yesterday Oct. 1st
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Oct 2, 2017 07:26PM)

Don't get to video her often. Try too, but not good with tech' stuff, cell phone camera.
Tried to take a photo of her the other, turned out a selfie!

She doesn't wait for applause she encourages it!
One more weekend left, hope for good weather.
Message: Posted by: Kyoki_Sanitys_Eclipse (Oct 3, 2017 02:26AM)
That was awesome. You'll have to figure out more tech stuff so we can see more before you guys retire
Message: Posted by: Chatterbox41 (Oct 3, 2017 07:55AM)
Wonderful! Enjoy your videos!

Message: Posted by: gallagher (Oct 3, 2017 03:57PM)
What a pleasure.

You know, watching films of Ling-Ling,
through the years;
the improvements are amazing!

She has such a calm and control about herself now.
A confidence, in her skills(!),..
a finely honed set of skills!
The 'experience' is sö apparent.

!...such a pleasure to watch.
!...such a pleasure to share the 'title' "Busker", with.
,..an honour to have such Collegues.

Great audience,..
that says so much.

Such a pleasure to share.
Monika and I thank you two.
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Oct 3, 2017 06:18PM)
Wow! gulp! .... you're hired! Doubt I'll be able to get my hat on now, it was too big before I read that!
Now she's going to as for top billing, sheez! she already has that!
thank you Gallagher!

Nala & Ling'
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Oct 3, 2017 07:03PM)
Loved watching the video! Best wishes to both of you!
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Oct 4, 2017 04:37PM)
Thanks Doc' hope all's well with you and family!!
Message: Posted by: jakeg (Oct 6, 2017 05:18AM)
A pleasure to watch. Kudos to the performer and her mentor.
Message: Posted by: mike bonfield (Nov 2, 2017 04:55PM)
Fantastic you will be back next season its you blood big hats ..my kindest xx mike in u.k
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Nov 2, 2017 07:27PM)
Thanks Mike! I would like to be! we'll see
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Apr 9, 2018 03:31PM)
.... well, took out a permit for 2018, back is weak but desire is strong. We'll see what happens.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Apr 10, 2018 08:15PM)
Good for the two of you!
Message: Posted by: Nala Nosmoht (Apr 11, 2018 12:01PM)
Busker's Festival on the 5th of May, looking forward to being there and meeting others!
wish the wrist would heal a little quicker.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Apr 19, 2018 01:33PM)
A horse 'might' find you water.
Little-bo-Peep 'might' find her sheeps.
Monika 'might' find her house-key....
But there's only ONE things for certain(!):
Nala & Ling-Ling will be playing the Streets!


Made me smile from ear to ear reading this!

I wish you guys a good one.
Enjoy the moments,
...make the moments.