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Topic: Old trick or new?
Message: Posted by: Drawacard (Oct 9, 2017 11:03AM)
I can't remember where I got the idea for this trick from. I either read about the effect here or somewhere else or even saw it in a vid or on tv. Is it an old effect? (I am sure it is/must be) or did I make it up, lol.

I have bought a few decks of cards recently with some nice art works on them. The Anne Stokes deck, for example, is one of my favorites. There are several cards in there with pictures of people that bear a striking resemblance to people I know. I took some of these and gave them bicycle backs to hide them in a normal deck. I now have quite a few images that are pretty generic and it isn't uncommon to find someone with a resemblance if you are lucky.

The effect - I get the person who bears the resemblance to my chosen card to pick a card from the pack (making sure they take the one which is the same as the one that bears their resemblance). I put their card on the deck and use the pack as a camera to 'take their picture'. I show them their card on the deck and then 'develop' the picture into their likeness. (Erdnase, DL, or whatever). The card can be kept for someone else with a resemblance to them or given to them or whatever.

I've done this a few times now and I'm really enjoying it as an effect. I am sure it must have a name, like 'photographic deck' or something like that, but I can't find it now. I want to make more of these with pics of people even if I do not know anyone who looks like them... the more I get and keep together the more likelihood of finding one looking like someone who is in the area I am doing my magic. I have a friend who is an artist who is doing some caricatures for me and I might get them printed on an a deck. It is a fun project.

Does the trick have name? Is it a variation of an existing trick? Any tips for improvement?

Message: Posted by: Drawacard (Oct 9, 2017 11:06AM)
PS - I am still quite new here - I hope I haven't broken any rules regarding giving the trick away by mentioning Erdnaise or some of the secrets of the trick - please delete or tell me if this is the case and I can edit. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Eugene Chekhov (Oct 14, 2017 03:10AM)
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Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (Jan 25, 2018 01:03AM)
Hi--I can tell you what its NOT, although the NAME will make you think that it is like yours: The classic "Mental Photography Deck" (it is not).

That said, I think you have a pretty unique concept.
Message: Posted by: Drawacard (Feb 4, 2018 06:19AM)
[quote]On Jan 25, 2018, Moxahalla wrote:
Hi--I can tell you what its NOT, although the NAME will make you think that it is like yours: The classic "Mental Photography Deck" (it is not).

That said, I think you have a pretty unique concept. [/quote]

Thank you - it has been working quite well... although I am not a pro so haven't been doing it much. I've probably only done the trick live about 25 times to date - it always goes down well but I have been a little nervous when doing it as the Erdnase CC is quite new to me... I learn't it specifically for this trick. I have been aware of this CC for some time but have always shied away from it as my hands are not massive and I am not a card slight expert.... a bit of practice though and it is coming along fine. Big confidence builder for me as my slights are improving - in the past I wouldn't have dreamed about taking on this CC, but the end result is worth the practice for this routine.

Biggest problem is finding the people with the closest resemblance to the artworks on the cards. I have a new take on this which I have been doing as a go to trick recently which I do over and over and people love it.... I call it "The Midas Touch" I have a few decks of those cheap Chinese gold plated cards.... The trick mechanics are pretty much the same for the above (with some extra distractions thrown in so people cant see my manipulation of the gold card). I get them to choose a 'random' card.... put it on the top of the pack and then turn it to 'solid' gold before their eyes. I am sure this can't be that novel an idea, :-) - I use it more than the photo routine as it works with anyone whatever they look like... they can keep the gold card as a souvenir too if they wish as they are dirt cheap. I use my best force on this so that it really looks like a random selection and the gold card just comes from nowhere. When people accuse me of forcing the right card on them I usually have another different one so that I can repeat the trick with a different forced card just to mess with their minds further and to reinforce the illusion that it was genuinely a randomly selected card. lol.

Thanks for the replies - I was very pleased with idea, the building of the cards and the work I put in to master the Ernase CC which makes the trick possible. The end result gets some really nice jaw drops from the victims. As I said before - I do not know if it was totally my idea or if I saw something similar in the past. If you use the effect your self then please enjoy it - I love magic and I feel that this is one of the best tricks I've ever come up with by myself. :-)
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Feb 5, 2018 08:19PM)
Never heard of it in over 40 years, and having seen over 10,000 effects.