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Topic: Keeping turtle quiet
Message: Posted by: Signet (Oct 15, 2017 09:01PM)
I was wondering about ways to keep my turtle silent when I make him disappear. I usually talk over it or rely on background noise. I've heard about the Teflon disks. Do they work well? Are there any other options available?
Message: Posted by: tonsofquestions (Oct 16, 2017 01:10AM)
Turtle? https://youtu.be/8-6SNXfU6d0?t=138 (give it ~40 seconds)

In all seriousness, it depends slightly on your problem. I'm guessing the turtle isn't really the one disappearing? If so, you might need another solution.

There are many solutions of putting something underneath - Teflon, mouse tape, clear optical tape, etc. They all help with sliding, but is also dependent on that being the primary issue - underneath has to be the largest source of sound, not the rims.

Having a lighter tough and/or moving more slowly can help, but both require more practice, and are not always viable. (e.g slowness.)
Soft coins can also help, but that might require a new turtle, and might not be in your budget/style.

In the end, teflon or an equivalent) is a totally viable option. It all depends on whether you're willing to pay a little more (each) for pre-sized/shaped pieces, or if you want to pay more upfront to get a roll of tape you'll have to cut/size yourself, optionally buying a disc-cutting tool for the right sizes.

You could also start off with a piece of something like packing tape just to try, to see if you like it - it won't be the same/as good, but it'll give you a rough sense of if you think it would help, and/or how much you (dis)like arts and crafts!

Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: Signet (Oct 16, 2017 04:33PM)
Thanks for the link to the video. Pretty entertaining. I mainly have issues with the turtle named Ike. He's a big fella and makes more noise then JFK. I was thinking of getting the Teflon. Have you tried these?
Message: Posted by: AceTheInfinite (Jan 13, 2018 10:52PM)
Tango Teflon from Penguin and IKE is whisper quiet.
Message: Posted by: AceTheInfinite (Jan 13, 2018 10:59PM)
Another thing to consider is position. Are the coins vertical or horizontal when the thing happens? If horizontal, try moving slower... If vertical, try holding the turtle in front and above and the regular ike behind and below. Most people I see when holding two coins in display position have the turtle in front and slightly below the real thing.. But by reversing the position, you counteract gravity's audible effect by reducing the weight of the top coin.. lowering the turtle onto the real coin as opposed to sliding the real coin, which in terms of sound may as well be dropping the coin, in the shell.

Hope that makes sense. I can send you photo illustration if that makes it easier.

Message: Posted by: Signet (Jan 14, 2018 06:23PM)
That makes a lot of sense. I have been using a TUC lately and this really helps the sound problem. Now, if I could just find a place to get coin shims, so I can turn my Turtle and TUC into a triple TUC. I found one company that has then for $2.50. But you have to get 100. Too expensive.
Message: Posted by: inigmntoya (Jan 18, 2018 02:59AM)
[quote]On Jan 14, 2018, Signet wrote:
Now, if I could just find a place to get coin shims, so I can turn my Turtle and TUC into a triple TUC. [/quote]

Suitable material can be found by breaking open those white plastic security tags found in DVD cases, etc.