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Topic: Wow! David Blaine is On the Cover of Genii This Month and It's Now Live Online
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Oct 18, 2017 12:42PM)

The November issue of Genii is now live online with printed copies in the mail. This issue has great columns from John Bannon, Martin Lewis, and Mike Caveney, but is mostly taken up by a 45-page article on the remarkable David Blaine. David has developed a remarkable stage show that hit 40 cities and will go back out on the road in a new iteration sometime early in 2018. I was overwhelmed by the show, and by him, and he agreed to be the subject of our cover story this month if his favorite writer, Jon Racherbaumer, would take on the task. The result is the longest story we’ve done in many years and goes into greater depth on Blaine’s life and way of thinking than any other story done about him. We hope you enjoy this issue, which also contains reviews of tricks, books, and the latest videos.
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