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Topic: High Caliber Holsteró- where is Joel????
Message: Posted by: elimagic (Oct 26, 2017 07:49PM)
So I ordered a maverick holster from Joel over a month ago and have reaching out a bunch of times.... no response whatsoever. Does anyone know a better way to contact him? Ive tried emailed, calling, facebook messaging.. nothing. Iíve left 3 messages on his answering machine with no response.

Message: Posted by: elimagic (Oct 28, 2017 05:35AM)
Anyone ???
Message: Posted by: dman11 (Oct 28, 2017 03:43PM)
I don't play games with guys that reply back - first, I do everything with Paypal so I'm protected. At this point I would put a complaint in for a refund with paypal. You usually hear back real quick from whoever it is your trying to do business with.
Message: Posted by: elimagic (Oct 31, 2017 02:56PM)
I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because I've dealt with him before and has been been nothing short of great to deal with until now. Just wondering if anyone knows why he wouldn't be responding or what the deal is.
Message: Posted by: elimagic (Nov 2, 2017 08:10AM)
Still havent heard anything. Getting really frustrated. And Joel doesn't use paypal so I had to use a credit card through his site. Been 5 weeks now without a single word from him.

Does anyone have a better way to get in touch? I've tried email, phone, and facebook message to the high caliber page... NOTHING!
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Nov 2, 2017 01:00PM)
Report the issue to your credit card company and get the money back. You have given more than enough time an more than enough tries to contact him. If you donít take the steps in time to protect your money then it will become your loss because you tried to be nice. 5 weeks of no response from that many sources in todayís world is too long. Stop asking what to do and do what you need to do - stop payment before it is too late to take action.
Message: Posted by: Dylan Bryson (Nov 3, 2017 01:10PM)
I ordered the 'Original Holster' jsut over three months ago. He got back to me a little over a month ago and said it was ready to ship the next day. He said he'd throw in a free shirt for the wait. Following that communication; not a word. He has not responded to my emails or my voice messages and that's with me spacing them out over several days at a time.

I'm still holding out, hoping I'll eventually receive the piece. I know he recently welcomed a new addition to the family so I understand being a bit busier than usual. Still, it would be nice to get an update. Hoping he's alright as I know he generally has a good reputation. These delays appear to be more recent. I will post here if I hear anything.
Message: Posted by: elimagic (Nov 9, 2017 08:48AM)
Ended up canceling payment and buying used... really unfortunate as I was hoping to go new.

Hope Joel is Okay.
Message: Posted by: Dylan Bryson (Nov 17, 2017 09:35PM)
Joel got back to me and I just received my holster! Unfortunately he had a couple of personal issues to address to and it took him away from work. He was very apologetic for not getting back sooner and included a couple of gifts. Holster is amazing quality!
Message: Posted by: Rook (Nov 17, 2017 10:01PM)
Sorry to know that he's had some problems, but glad to hear that he's back in the saddle! I've often been intrigued by his work, but rather cautious of purchase because I'm not often certain as to whether he is open for business.
Message: Posted by: Psychic71 (Nov 23, 2017 12:36AM)
What is the best way to contact him?
Message: Posted by: Tilman (Nov 30, 2017 06:11AM)
I ordered a Maverick Holster from Joel in 2015 and while it took him a while to finish it, it is gorgeous. He always got back to e-mails eventually.
Message: Posted by: Dylan Bryson (Nov 30, 2017 07:27PM)
[quote]On Nov 23, 2017, Psychic71 wrote:
What is the best way to contact him? [/quote]

Sorry for the delayed response. At this point, I would suggest emailing him at highcalibermagic@gmail.com
Message: Posted by: Jerry (Feb 3, 2019 08:29AM)
He has been late for years. It takes three to four months for him to complete (I purchased from him in the past) an order.
I would like to purchase from him again, but don't trust his poor business process.

I suggest that you email him first and inquire if he one in stock first. If they are made to order, well, I would pass.
Message: Posted by: francis farrell (Feb 24, 2019 07:19AM)
Any news on these now? The website is running but everything is out of stock. No reply to email. No reply to voicemail
Message: Posted by: strollingmagician (Jul 8, 2019 10:49AM)
Anybody heard from Joel?